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4 Things to Do When Dealing With a Toxic Family Member

4 Things to Do When Dealing With a Toxic Family Member

It’s normal to have arguments, disagreements, and moments of frustration with our in-laws and close loved ones. If the disconnect becomes harmful and toxic, far beyond the occasional “button pushing” that all family members engage in it’s time to take...

How Silent Treatment & Repressed Animosity Ruins Relationships (And What You Can Do to Stop It)

Whether you’re on the receiving end of it or you are giving it to your partner, the silent treatment can create a toxic relationship environment. Most of us know what it feels like to be so frustrated during an argument with our spouse that we simply want to...

That’s Funny, Honey: Tips for Using Humor During Marital Conflict to Stop Fights in Their Tracks

Want to know why bringing the heat down a notch during a relationship conflict is so important? Close your eyes and picture the last time you and your spouse laughed together. Really put yourself in that memory, conjuring up how it felt. It felt good, right? Want to...