Attachment Style Workbook Therapy Worksheets for Couples




Wondering if you have codependency or an attachment disorder? Are you a therapist wanting to help your clients with their attachment style, understanding more about their inner child and childhood wounds so they can heal their trauma and learn how to enjoy healthy relationships and secure attachment?

These mental health cheat sheets can serve as a sort of intake questionnaire so that you can understand a bit more about their treatment plan with you. You can also give it to your clients as a DIY codependent workbook with couples questions to help them assess on their own their attachment styles whether it be insecure attachment or secure attachment. We are born in relationship, are wounded in relationship, and ultimately heal through relationship. Depending on the messages you received growing up and the parenting style your parents took- you developed an attachment to your caregivers that, according to Attachment theory, was either anxious, avoidant, disorganized, or secure.

If you’re not sure what your attachment style is, or you suspect it is one that is more anxious, avoidant, or disorganized, these worksheets can help you ultimately figure out your relationship history and if there was some element of patterns from toxic families (very common!) and begin the healing process that starts with new found awareness.

Once you discover what your attachment style is, you can begin healing along with your partner towards creating a healthy attachment with him/her, using emotionally safe communication and emotionally intelligent means towards healing.

We help guide you in that process with these worksheets and some of the other worksheets in our shop designed specifically for couples and for therapists and their patients.

All worksheets are delivered digitally and can be assembled in your very own therapy binder/journal after printing them at your favorite local print shop or at home.

We are here to support your growth and healing in relationships!