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We’d like to give you an opportunity to read up on some of the frequently asked questions that we receive about our marriage counseling practice. If you have a question that has not been addressed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please also read the following blog post: How to make sure marriage counseling will work for you so that you can come armed and ready for success!

Do you take insurance?

Although we do not participate in any insurance networks, many of our clients are eligible to file for reimbursement from their insurance company. To find out whether your insurance plan would cover our services, please contact us and we can provide you the information you will need to ask your plan if our services are covered.

How long is each session?

We no longer see couples on a per session basis because we just don’t find that it is going to be as effective for you. We offer our 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat program which INCLUDES 8 followup sessions. These followup sessions last 90 minutes. Sessions for singles last 60 minutes.

How long will it take for us to fix our marriage?

After the 2 day Marriage Restoration Retreat, most couples gain new hope for their marriage and see the possibilities for coming together again. We offer 8 followup sessions to the retreat package as we have seen that 8 sessions post 2 day retreat is what you need to be able to master what you learned and to have a lasting impact on your marriage.

Does my spouse have to come to the sessions?

Yes. We have found that the most effective way to heal a relationship is for both partners to be present.
If your spouse is against counseling, we can help you learn how to convince your spouse to go to marriage counseling .

Is your practice faith based?

Religion is not incorporated in sessions unless requested by the couple. We practice Imago Relationship Therapy and our counseling is not faith based. With that said, we do have traditional values in promoting strong marriages and we do believe in working to keep a couple together when possible.

Is there any difference if we use Skype over coming into your local practice? Why would we choose Skype?

Skype coaching sessions are ideal for those who are not able to travel to our Baltimore, Maryland office. Couples worldwide have taken advantage of our online marriage counseling sessions. Even those who live locally but are unable to arrange childcare, have also opted to work over Skype. It is more convenient for them and saves travel time and costs as well.

Why would I need to do a 2 day marriage therapy intensive?

Marriage therapy intensives are ideal for a marriage that is in dire need of a breakthrough. If you feel the need to make a decision about the future of your relationship, and you can’t afford to spend weeks or months in marriage counseling, a 2-day marriage therapy intensive may be just what you need. This is the ideal program for couples contemplating divorce.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate is 90%. We measure our marriage counseling success rate based on the number of couples that we’ve seen in our counseling practice that have met their intended goals for entering into counseling. This ranges from couples on the brink of divorce to couples that wanted to learn how to make a good marriage great.

Do you work with families?

We often work with families and their adult children. This process is extremely helpful for working out issues between parents and adult children and in-law issues.

Do you see children?

We do not counsel children.

Have you been successful with infidelity?

Yes. We work not only to heal the infidelity but explore the root causes of the relationship breakdown that led to such a rupture. Couples that end the affair and desire to save their relationship are extremely successful despite the severe breach of trust that has occurred.

Does your wife practice with you?

While my wife and I present our material together in our Getting the Love You Want Workshops as well as in speaking engagements, she is not a licensed therapist and does not work with me in my private couples practice.

Is there any point in coming if we’ve already filed for divorce?

Yes, couples who have filed for divorce are able to reconcile. Even if you do not wish to reconcile, you can gain clarity about why your relationship has reached this point so that you can both make a conscious choice and be better prepared for future relationships. Finally, if you have children, it behooves you to relate to each other in a healthy way as you will continue to be in relationship as parents to your children.

We are very confident that our 2 day private intensives can save your marriage. Our approach is very successful and we would love to meet and work with you as well.


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