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marriage retreat for group imago therapy

From stale and stagnant to OMG now I remember why I fell in love with you…

From stupid tiffs and arguments to I am so much more self-aware and conscious about what parts of myself are lost…

From doubt and uncertainty about my choices to the confidence that you married no better helpmate than your partner…

You don’t want to miss out on your chance to finally get the love you want, get the love you need.

It’s Time to Quench Your Thirst and Finally Get the Love You Want…




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Attend a marriage retreat featuring Imago relationship therapy hosted by The Marriage Restoration Project in Guancaste, Costa Rica April 30 – May 4, 2025. Learn more here.
Attend a marriage intensive retreat at one of our locations across the United State. We offer in-person and online immersive marriage counseling retreats using Imago relationship therapy and have dates available to accommodate your schedule over the next few months. Learn more here.
Attend an affordable marriage workshop in a group setting in Baltimore, Maryland July 14 & 15, 2024 and September 15 & 16, 2024 or online virtually on November 10 & 11, 2024. Learn more here.





Imago Workshops (aka Getting the Love You Want) are Marriage Retreats like no other!

The Getting the Love you Want Weekend Marriage workshop saves marriages. Tens of thousands of couples worldwide have attended the Imago Weekend Marriage Workshops for couples.

It is called “Getting the Love You Want” because it is closely based on the best seller of the same name by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., who personally developed this workshop over a 16 year period.

Our marriage workshops take you and your spouse on a journey, and at the end, you will leave with insights into how you can create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationship with your partner, as well as having learned skills that can help you to achieve that.

Through exercises that you will share with your partner, you will explore some of your emotional histories, and learn how that influences both the reason you chose your partner and also the reason that you may both be drawn either now or later into a power struggle.

In Imago therapy, we say that the Imago Workshop is likened to 6 months of marriage counseling due to the deepening work that is done over the weekend.

It is the quickest jumpstart to your marriage, especially if your relationship has been in a negative place.

Imago views the power struggles that occur in relationships as a natural part of love, and also a great opportunity to deepen your love and make the relationship more satisfying.

Within your disagreements with your partner lie important clues about how you can learn to transform your love into something even richer, as long as you can discuss these issues in a way that feels comfortable and positive. That’s why during the workshop we teach you how to use the Imago Dialogue to improve communication skills.

This is a powerful approach to exploring deep emotional issues and restoring the lost connections.

We will ask for volunteer couples that can be coached in front of the class through demonstrations, and then give you plenty of time to practice and apply the dialogue to the insights you develop throughout the workshop. There’s always help close by if you get stuck! We even have retreats for couples struggling with issues from physician and healthcare burnout complications.

Sometimes we hear from couples who are concerned about revealing personal information to others. That’s why we set the workshop up so that if you wish you can do all your personal work privately with your partner, and just share with the group if you wish.

(If you still feel like you’d prefer a private marriage retreat- you can visit this link:

We’ve also learned over the years that one of the most inspiring elements of the workshop is to see other couples going through the Imago processes during the demonstration and to hear their stories.

By the end of the workshop, most couples leave feeling far more positive about their relationship, and the workshop closes with finding ways to make sure your life is full of caring and romance.

“Mike and I cannot thank you and Rivka enough.  When we first got home we had a few moments. Then I placed our workbooks on our coffee table making them readily available.  We use them as we need them. I haven’t felt this connected to Mike in quite a while and it’s been wonderful. Going to the workshop saved our marriage.  We’re forever grateful.”


The Getting the Love You Want Marriage Retreat is for you if you want to:

why are we always fightingFinally Become Deeply Heard by your spouse through a process that feels truly safe

Renew a relationship that is getting stale

Gain clarity on whether you should stay together or go

Understand why you ended up together-what relationship patterns exist for you and how to create healthier ones

Resolve old childhood “stuff” that is getting in your way of being a great partner and parent

Unburden yourself from the Emotional Baggage that you bring to the relationship by breaking free of old relationship patterns

Transform the way you feel and react to your spouse by shedding those aggravating triggers that your spouse seems to provoke in you

Comfortably talk safely about any issue in your relationship and remain connected

boring marriageFinally feel loved (maybe even for the first time ever!) by discovering your personal love language and living it out to the fullest

Accelerate positive behavioral changes in your spouse in ways you never thought of before

Achieve your relationship goals through a done-for-you plan

Satisfy your needs for physical and emotional connection

Learn how to ask for what you want and get the love you want instead of being a victim

Remove negativity, retaliation, reactivity, anger, and blame through our formula for detoxing your marriage

Heal the crushing effects of infidelity and make amends

Infuse New Energy and Love into your relationship

Establish new rituals for re-romanticizing your relationship

Shift the negative energy in 5 minutes or less!


About Your Workshop Presenters

relationship segment ideasRabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin bring over a decade of experience with Imago Therapy to their workshop presentations. Rabbi Shlomo is a licensed clinical professional counselor, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, and an Advanced Clinician in Imago Therapy. Through their skilled presentation, stories, and openness, you will feel comfortable and safe in taking the journey with them from disconnect to ultimate healing.

Your Results? A completely new marriage that is full of hope, love, passion, connection, and promise for change!

Upcoming Marriage Workshops by Date

Sunday, July 14 & 15, 2024 In-Person

September 15 & 16, 2024 In- Person

November 10 & 11, 2024 Online Virtual

Click to Register for the 2024 In-Person Couples Therapy Retreat (Just the 2 Day Workshop or 2 Day Workshop PLUS 8 Session Followup Package)


Workshop Hours

  • Sunday 10 AM – 8 PM (latest, approximate end time depending on size of the group)
  • Monday 10 AM – 6 PM (latest, approximate end time)
  • Morning Sessions typically go from 10-1:30 PM, Lunch around 1:30-3, and the Afternoon/Evening Session going from 3-7 PM. Time varies according to group size and engagement in the sessions.

Supplies & Lunch

  • Rivka and Shlomo’s professional expertise as two gifted IMAGO Coaches and Workshop Presenters;
  • Rivka and Shlomo’s personal experience as they share examples from their own IMAGO journey;
  • Over 20 hours of Rivka and Shlomo’s entertaining instruction and personal support as you learn new ideas and practice the IMAGO tools throughout the weekend;
  • Two manuals for you to use during and following this educational experience;
  • Continental breakfasts and snacks throughout the weekend; meals and lodging are not included.


If you must cancel your registration, your deposit may be transferred to another available workshop. Because of limited space and frequent waiting lists, this transfer is available only with notice more than 10 days prior to the workshop.

  • Continental breakfasts and snacks throughout the weekend; meals and lodging are not included.
  • Kosher Food is Arrangeable upon Request
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes, as some guests are sensitive to fragrance.
  • Dress code is casual and comfortable. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and work!


Owings Mills, Maryland- Our Lovely Retreat Location

Why Baltimore? Our office is in Baltimore, MD and when we were planning for an intensive experience such as this, we knew we wanted a place that was quaint, comfortable, private, and romantic.

It takes a lot to go through this journey from disconnect to repair and the intensity of the work requires that you be comfortable.

Think of the workshop as a 2-day immersion experience with the most important person in your life for 2 days- so that you can work on things in the best way possible and walk out of your journey and back into the real world – as a whole new YOU (by you we mean yourself and you as a couple)

Owings Mills, MD is PERFECT for doing this work and the hotel is beautiful 🙂

We have everything prepared for your journey.

All you have to do is show up!

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What Couples that Attended the Marriage Retreat Are Saying:

“I came into this workshop “knowing” I was getting divorced within a year.
Boy was I wrong! The workshop gave me hope I never knew existed.” E.C.

This is beautiful material. Everyone wants positive connections in all of their relationships and exposure to this material feels deeply impactful. From the very beginning of the workshop, when Shlomo and Rivka shared the vulnerable, private aspects of their own childhoods and relationship, the tone of the whole experience- characterized by openness, sharing, vulnerability, and normalization, was so comforting and refreshing. I want to stay in this reality forever!

imago therapy experienceI wish everyone in our culture were exposed to this kind of material from a young age!

communication coaching couples retreatsHelped our communication and relationship grow more than expected.

Imago marriage workshopLife transforming and eye opening!

wonderful marriage workshopThis was an extremely deep and emotional experience for us as a couple who already had a wonderful and loving marriage. We learned so much about ourselves and each other. We did a lot of internal work as individuals and as a couple but had not made a better investment such as this workshop!

awesome imago workshop presentersPresenters are awesome and can really connect with you!

five star reviewsGave us practical ways to resolve conflict. Although Rabbi Shlomo is a Rabbi, people need to know that this is a non-religion-based workshop. They are very friendly and open, made us feel at ease.

five star reviewI am so very appreciative for Shlomo and Rivka’s warm informative teaching this weekend. They were so patient, accommodating, and skilled. I wish this was a longer workshop, I’m sad to say goodbye. Excellent role models and teachers!

The safety that was speedily obtained within the group made this workshop so helpful to me. I appreciate how Shlomo and Rivka work together and infuse excitement about being a couple

I learned so much about myself! I love that it really teaches couples to communicate not just rely on a therapist.

Absolutely useful and educational! A must for every couple at any stage of their marriage!

I appreciate this seminar. The team was knowledgeable and friendly. The exercises were both difficult and fun

Tried marriage counseling- was somewhat useful but ran it’s course. Counselor suggested a workshop. This workshop presents useful tools for dealing with all conflict

Our new marriage was failing. My wife registered us. I liked best that the workshop was actual practice of what we learned. The presenters were informed likable, gentle, and kind.

Thank you both, I believe you have opened our eyes to new and old ways to get along.

We were pending separation and I loved that we learned communication skills at the workshop. I loved the real-life examples that the presenters shared.

My personal pain is my greatest teacher to my partner who is trying to learn me everyday. Be curious about your life challenges!

Wonderful Insight and Self Discovery!

I often say most people spend your entire adulthood getting over your childhood but that doesn’t have to be if you are willing to seek understanding

I never expected the workshop to change my point of view and my spouse’s point of view only after the 2nd day. We are both aware of each other’s feelings now. It was a great experience.

I’m deeply grateful that I came. This was a gift in our life that will apply for years. I wish this for anyone who is in a committed relationship with a partner. I will tell many of my friends and encourage lots of others to come. I leave more hopeful for growth and healing in my marriage with my partner.

The principles taught in this workshop are valuable for strengthening any relationship, especially marriages, and should be universally taught to benefit a more hopeful and fulfilling way to live.

Able to see the light. Clouds cleared from tension, frustration, tiredness to show blue open sky open today of potential”

“Gave me a lot of room for hope that things will be even better”

“This workshop offered us the life preserver we so desperately needed”

“This was a helpful weekend worth EVERY PENNY. I feel re-energized about my relationship and we’ve been together for 30 years. This workshop provided a valuable jumpstart. Our batteries had temporarily died.”

“The techniques taught in the workshop showed my how little unaddressed misunderstandings drove us apart over time, even though we still loved each other very much. We now have the tools to not only express our feelings but understand the driving force behind them”

“Getting the Connection we needed.”

“I feel that attending this workshop is a true blessing to me. I needed this more than I realized. Thank you very much.”

“Extremely practical honest tools to navigate our love life.”

“Think you’re happy in your marriage? Wait until you get the love you want, you’ll be exponentially happier!”

“Never thought the pragmatic me would see the potential to transform in just a weekend. Happy I was wrong!”

“This was a really transformational workshop. It has opened my eyes to the beauty and perfection that a love relationship with good communication can offer.”

“Really transformational and incredibly connecting.”

“Recommended to all couples, prior to marriage, honeymooners, troubled or veterans. Growth and opportunities.”

“I see my partner in a whole new light and feel a deep sense of hope that we can maintain the loving harmonious connection that we established at this workshop.”

“Try it. Just do it. The skills and knowledge taught can change your relationship and your life.”

“A must for every couple, even the ones who think everything is good.”

“This technique works. It is not “fluff” or feel-good affirmations. It is real, applicable, and results-based. It almost immediately shifted negative repeating patterns between my partner and me, giving us a safe forum to communicate and promote our healing both individually and as a couple. Thank you!”

“We were at a crossroads in our relationship 2 weeks ago. Fast forward to today, after attending the workshop, and hope and the desire to heal and continue are alive and present.”

“Opened my eyes to how impactful my childhood experiences are/have been in my life and my relationship. I feel this has opened a door to our potential happiness that was always locked tight”.

“I wish all my friends and family could do this workshop. Would create such richer relationships and more peace”.

“Would highly recommend this retreat to any couple who is committed to the best and healthiest version of themselves and their marriages.”

“It was truly a gift to see my husband feel deeply and be vulnerable.”

Your story could be the next one. We look forward to meeting you!

Come join our next Unforgettable Retreat!


If you would like to speak with Rabbi Slatkin regarding your situation and to see how the Getting the Love You Want Retreat can help your unique situation, please use the calendar link below to schedule a convenient time to speak with him. You can also talk with him about if a private marriage retreat would be better for you.

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