Mental Health Therapy Worksheets

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Support for Life’s Ups and Downs

Whether you’re in therapy or not, a therapist looking for resources for your clients or even resources for yourself, you’ve found an amazing tried and tested resource used by hundreds of therapists all over the globe that are looking to provide deeper, more effective therapy sessions or support for their clients- during the more challenging parts of life like affairs, grief, divorce, separation, addiction, coparenting, neurodiversity, attachment and childhood trauma, and so much more.

Worksheets are a wonderful way to support any mental health journey- with questions, prompts, and exercises, these solution focused mental health “cheat sheets” are designed to help pinpoint exactly what’s going on and help make sense out of what might be a chaotic situation, allowing the client to grow their capacity for emotions, understanding, and greater consciousness about their past, present, and future.

Topics Included:

If you’re a therapist…

This isn’t about having all of the answers. This is about getting in touch with your innate wisdom and letting it flow through you, aligning long enough for your words to match your soul and then figuring out how to deliver it to others in such a way where they feel healed just being connected with you. Part of that is knowing that you have resources to assist. In this bundle, you’ll have that kind of help, so you can stay aligned.

You need your clients to work as hard as you do. These worksheets will help you be more precise for the messier parts of life.

When the noise of getting your education, degree, licensure, certification, and practice setup dies down and you finally have to go behind closed doors with a client and you wonder what you got yourself into? That’s when it gets real scary out there.

Twenty three years ago I launched my private practice. I was so excited to build my case load and practice what I had learned in school. I started to get clients and feel like I had no idea what I was doing. School had not given me the resources to be able to practically give these clients the change they were looking for. I had imposter syndrome and started to feel like I had wasted so much time, money, and energy.

That’s when I realized something–I needed to get the right tools and resources at my disposal. I pursued a particular skillset and went after every advanced training, certification that I could in those modalities- finding mentorship that I couldn’t have begun to dream would exist. That mentorship and training proved to be invaluable!

I went from sometimes floundering in session to knowing exactly how to walk clients through structured processes that worked to bring about change and results. Now, I’m a sought after therapist and clients demand to work with me.

It’s time to support your hard work with clients. Designed to be an affordable resource, add these to your therapy toolbox so you can be highly effective today!

These worksheets are exactly what I needed to be able to work with couples struggling from an affair in a competent way. They will definitely help my practice and my skill set. Thank you for providing such a helpful resource!

“These worksheets are really helping me heal and work through one of the hardest times and situations in my life. Something like this really does break a part of you and you’re gonna need help repairing that broken part. Highly recommend!!

worksheets and

We are forever grateful to you! The suggestions in your marriage program are working so well, even with our infidelity situation. Outbursts due to the rupture from the affair are becoming less frequent!

Therapy Tools for Your Clinical Practice…

Know that these are tried and tested by other therapists with success in their own therapy practices as well as written by a therapist with over two decades of experience. Many are not yet ready for therapy but are able and willing to learn more in bite-sized chunks, hence the worksheets!

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., LCPC with Rivka Slatkin. The Slatkins founded as a global initiative to help keep couples together and happy.