Shadow Work & Anxiety – Therapeutic Worksheets to Help Uncover Repressed Feelings that Trigger Anxiety




Anxiety is pervasive in our society more than ever. Even if one’s anxiety is not pathological, it can still be a disruptive force in life.

In our fast pace day in age with the bombardment of social media, we are exposed to a wide range of information that may play on our emotions, evoking fear, jealousy, and general negativity. Learning to have more control over our inner reality is the secret to finding peace amidst the deluge that rages around us.

The first solution to any problem is to become conscious of triggers that cause anxiety, making us want to hide parts of ourselves. These worksheets help you go deeper and explore the source of your anxiety so that you can be better able to chose how you respond, and regain control of your inner life.

May they help you find inner calm and peace of mind,

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin MS, LCPC
The Marriage Restoration Project

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