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We help couples find new hope & create a happier, deeper connection in 2 days with our “No Blame, No Shame” couples therapy workshops and Imago marriage retreats.

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Imago Therapists Offer A Fresh Approach to Marriage Counseling


The Marriage Restoration Project saves marriages from divorce, and couples from breaking up, through imago therapy and intensive marriage therapy retreats.

With a long track record of healing marriages with imago couples counseling, counselors Rabbi Slatkin and his wife Rivka take a unique and highly effective approach to marriage therapy – especially since their own marriage almost ended too and they got it back using their exact processes.

They’ve trained other highly skilled Imago therapists in their marriage retreat methodology so that couples looking for the best of marriage help can find a location closest to their own city.

Looking for a licensed couples counselor near you with experience, rated among the best marriage counselors in the country? Contact us to schedule online marriage counseling, learn more about our private weekend marriage retreats or online retreats, or a group therapy retreat with other couples (now available online as well). Each of our office locations offers in-person couples therapy in Baltimore, MD; New York City, NY; and Titusville, NJ.

Highly Effective Couples Therapy

Our counseling and imago marriage therapy method are effective and proven, with lots of happy couples and their stories to back it up, including the Slatkin’s story!

The imago relationship therapy we provide works by bringing neutrality, safety, and sanctity into your marriage or or partnership, without blame and shame.

Our two day couples therapy retreats are an effective alternative to traditional relationship counseling in which you would attend a weekly session lasting an hour.

Our marriage intensives are aptly named, because they use imago relationship therapy in an intense 2 day one-one-one retreat. From our experience these intensive couples counseling retreats yield results equal to months of traditional counseling, but much faster.

Common Relationship Problems & How We Can Help

love storiesRelationships are unique. One thing that all romantic relationships have in common is they all experience problems at some point.

Some of the most common relationship issues we help husbands, wives, and partners work through include (but are in no way limited to):

Imago relationship counseling is extremely effective at fixing marriage problems by improving communication between you and your spouse by breaking down defensive mechanism walls. When you don’t have walls surrounding you, it becomes easier to learn how to trust and respect each other again, and even stop the fighting over money, decisions, and intimacy avoidance or anxiety.

If you are both willing to put in the work and commit to our unique imago therapy method, we can help uncover the real underlying issues affecting you individually and your marriage.

Unlike techniques traditional marriage counselors use, imago relationship therapy does not single out either party and never points the finger of blame.

Toxic blaming and shaming behavior is unhealthy, and never allowed during therapy. Our team of couples therapists helps you focus on your relationship with respect, and use communication exercises to help you relearn how to listen to and appreciate one another.

We also help couples understand how childhood wounds affect our romantic relationships and communication issues.

Imago Therapy is an effective, proven form of intensive relationship counseling.

Finally Fix Your Relationship Problems

Welcome to The Marriage Restoration Project. You can finally fix your relationship with your spouse right HERE as we get to the root of why you and your spouse are triggering each other so much.

(Hint- “If it’s hysterical, then it’s historical!” 90% of what bothers us about our spouse is actually from your own unmet needs in childhood, 10% is what your spouse is actually doing)

You are here for a reason: because you want to fix your relationship. Not only will you have resources for you at your fingertips for EVERY stage of relationship right here, you also can get 1 on 1 help and marriage support from our team, your certified imago therapists and licensed marriage counselor practicing Imago couples therapy.

We are here to support you in your search for intensive bootcamp-style couples counseling that works. Contact us to learn more about how we help fix relationship problems and save marriage from divorce.

FREE Marriage Counseling Starter Kit

Take the Marriage Restoration Process for a Test Drive. Immerse yourself in our materials: our guide / watch our No Blame, No Shame communication and marriage video training / attend our private 2 day Marriage Counseling Retreat/ and join our Couples Start-Up Nation Facebook Group!

Not sure how to get started? It all starts with our guide which is based on Imago Therapy. Our guide helps you start solving relationship problems. Read it first!


Upcoming Marital Therapy Intensive Counseling Opportunities

best couples retreat

Private Intensive Marriage Retreat In-Person or Online

Attend a two day immersive marriage counseling retreat with The Marriage Restoration Project featuring imago relationship therapy with Shlomo Slatkin or one of our other IRT clinicians across the country. Our immersive marriage retreats are available online and in-person.

best couples retreat

Group Marriage Workshop & Imago Retreat In-Person

Attend a group “Getting the Love You Want Marriage Workshop” hosted by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, an imago relationship therapist and Imago workshop presenter. Improve communication and develop a deeper connection with your husband or wife May 19 & 20, 2024 at Owings Mills Marriott Metro Centre.

Tropical Couples Retreat Getaway to Costa Rica April 2025 | Getting the Love You Want ™ Marriage Retreat

Rekindle the love in your relationship at a tropical couples therapy retreat in Costa Rica. The Marriage Restoration Project uses imago therapy marriage counseling in these immersive retreats, but there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the beach together.

For Graduates of Getting the Love You Want™ Workshop Attendees

Already attended a Getting the Love You Want™ Workshop? New for 2025 is a Level II workshop for couples wanting to continue their journey, learning new tools to overcome reactivity and maintain the wonderful connection you had in your original journey together experiencing Imago therapy.

“The workshop was a blessing for us. 26 years of basically wanting the same things were resolved in 2 days of work. Thank you so much!”

“I was worried how this experience would work for a multicultural couple with non-western cultural influences. This tools were wildly useful for us and created massive breakthroughs in understanding each other. “

“I was slightly apprehensive prior to attending on how much of a difference two days would make, but I have to attest that it has made a big positive impact on our marriage and am excited to take the tools taught into the future.”

“This program could save your marriage if it is in trouble. If you already have a good marriage it will get even better. Regardless, it will help 90% of all married couples.”

“This was such a deep and amazing experience. It brought us so much closer in our connection and gave us a deeper love and appreciation for each other. Thank you Shlomo and Rivka!”

“Rivka and Shlomo are a beautiful couple with enthusiasm and humor, and open honesty goes a long way! I love that they share their personal struggles in love and are advocates for marriage and getting the love we want and long for”

“The programs gives valuable tools in an immersive experience. I had read the book a while ago, but this was WAY more impactful.”

“The therapists reached my partner so deeply there were tears and real connection, a felt shift between us. I feel more self aware, more able to take my partner’s perspective, less self absorbed, and more spiritual, seeing the marriage as Divine, albeit challenging, but one that can be overcome now that I feel my partner is also willing and able!”

“Their therapists and programs are amazing and essential for any healthy relationship. I now know how to resolve conflict without blaming my partner”

We Can Help You Turn Your Marriage Around

Contact us to discuss how we can help your marriage turnaround and get it back to what it once was

* individual results may vary *

Top Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

  • Does every conversation turn into a fight?
  • Is one of you always wanting to bring up the past grievances to prove your point?
  • Do you not respect your spouse anymore?
  • Do you feel like you’re no longer on the same path in life or on the same page?
  • Do you feel like you’ve “outgrown” your partner?
  • Do you disagree on even the smallest of issues?
  • Are you no longer attracted to your spouse and have no fulfilling intimacy?
  • Is your husband or wife always angry with you?

Just because you are constantly bickering does not mean your marriage is over! Couples come into our offices all the time who are experiencing communication problems. We help them learn effective communication tools to be able to deal with their differences. When either spouse continues to bring up things from the past it creates a lot of hurt. You have to work together to heal old wounds that one of you is still hurting from, because it’s going to keep getting brought up until the hurt they feel is healed!

Is your annoyance with your spouse’s emotional scars a good reason for divorce? No! When a relationship is left to flounder on its own, respect can erode. Each spouse can become totally disconnected from the other. It’s no wonder they sometimes act like a “fish out of water”.

Your individual growth is YOUR responsibility. What exactly is he/she doing to PREVENT you from pursuing the growth that you need? Maybe your growth is dealing with your partner and dealing with his/her difficulties and being patient. Part of being a growing person is to have compassion for another. If you can have compassion for someone who may not be as “advanced” as you perceive yourself to be, that is a sign of true growth. Learning how to work out differences is a learned skill that couples don’t necessarily know how to do. That’s where we come in. We help couples overcome communication problems, money fights, trust issues, and anger problems so you can live your best life together in a loving relationship.

Marriage counseling is going to give you the tools to communicate and connect so that you won’t feel like your partner is inhibiting your growth or no longer has different values that don’t support your own. Once you start working on the marriage, even your desire for intimacy can help you love again.

there’s a reason you picked each other.
now go remember what that is.

top reasons to seek marriage counseling

Types of Couples that Get the Most from Marriage CounselingTypes of Couples that Get the Most from Marriage Counseling

In order to ensure that marriage counseling is most successful for you, you’ll want to make sure that you are one of the couples that get the most from marriage counseling. Couples that get the most from marriage counseling are those that include:

  • Being open to exploring how you contribute to your relationship nightmare, not only wanting to know how your partner is at fault
  • Concentrating on your own ability to grow not just wondering how the therapist is going to convince your partner to change
  • Ready to create a safe environment for your partner to share and also be able to listen
  • Ready to share and be willing to explore deeper than perhaps you have before
  • Ready to put your “old relationship” behind, knowing that you can pick it up and take it back after your marriage counseling work but for the time being, you don’t continue to rehash the past during the work
  • Giving your partner a chance to show you that they can grow and stretch to meet your needs, not constantly reminding him/her why “they never change”
  • Being ready to detox all negativity by watching carefully that you employ “No Blame and No Shame” communication

Types of Couples that Get the Least from Marriage Counseling

  • Couples that yell, blame, shame, and embarrass their partner
  • Couples that aren’t willing to consider that their partner can change
  • Couples that have one foot out the door and are not committed to their relationship, having an “exit strategy”
  • Couples that keep harping on the past and won’t let anything go
  • Couples where one partner has an active addiction and will not get help for the addiction

Effectiveness of marriage counseling

effective marriage counselingThere are many different modalities of marriage counseling out there and not all created equal. The Gottman method is based on years of research by Dr John Gottman. He has studied what makes happy couples and has made his recommendations accordingly.

While it is rather popular due to the research and can provide helpful suggestions for relationship improvement, it fails to address underlying issues or baggage that couples bring to their marriage. As someone working with couples who have been through Gottman’s program, he does not provide the comprehensive understanding of the relationship struggle, nor a process through which to work through the most delicate problems.

Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy has also become popular as of late due to founder Dr Sue Johnson’s research. As a University Professor, she has had the luxury of gaining data about her modality. While it goes deeper than Gottman in terms of addressing the real pain, it is does not necessarily empower the couple with skills to integrate into their daily life.

Couples in crisis who I have seen after going through EFT did not find that it helped them work through their issues, nor did it teach them any practical tools. It also relied more on the therapist as opposed to the couple as the healing agent.

Imago Relationship Therapy Works for a Reason

While Imago Relationship Therapy does not yet have the same research studies that the other two modalities have (though they are working on it) it’s worldwide popularity and the dramatic feedback of participants in its therapy and group workshops attest to its efficacy.

What’s unique about Imago is that it provides a comprehensive view of conflict, which normalizes much of the struggles that couples are facing, as well as addresses the situation from a more holistic perspective.

Beyond just providing good relationship tips, it actually helps work through the difficult issues by exploring past baggage and trauma, helping couples reconnect and heal.

It is a structured guided approach where the therapist acts as a non-judgmental facilitator teaching tools to couples that help them transform the relationship.

Viewing the conflict from the perspective of the couple’s dynamic, Imago Relationship Therapy aims to create a safe, no shame, no blame atmosphere where couples can cut through the conflict and get back to their initial place of connection.

Couples walked away transformed, amazed at the simplicity, yet profundity of the process. The best part is that they know exactly what they need to do to continue the journey at home.

Intensive Marriage Retreats

We help couples find new hope for their relationship & create a happier, deeper connection in 2 days.

* individual results may vary *