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No Blame, No Shame Imago Relationship Therapy

You picked your spouse for a reason. You wanted your marriage to work and now it’s falling apart. It’s time to pick up the pieces and make your dream a reality. Start with our FREE guide.

imago therapy
imago therapy

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imago therapy

Imago Therapists Offer A Fresh Approach to Marriage Counseling

The Marriage Restoration Project saves marriages from divorce through imago therapy and intensive marriage counseling. With a long track record of healing marriages, counselors Rabbi Slatkin and his wife Rivka take a unique and highly effective approach to marriage therapy.

Highly Effective

Our methods are effective and proven, with lots of happy couples and their stories to back it up. The relationship help that we give brings neutrality, safety, and sanctity into your marriage, without blame and shame.

This is also known as Imago Therapy– a wonderfully effective and proven form of intensive marriage counseling.

Finally Fix Your Relationship

Welcome to The Marriage Restoration Project. You can finally fix your relationship with your spouse right HERE as we get to the root of why you and your spouse are triggering each other so much. (Hint- “If it’s hysterical, then it’s historical!” 90% of what bothers us about our spouse is actually from your own unmet needs in childhood, 10% is what your spouse is actually doing)

You are here for a reason: because you want to fix your relationship. Not only will you have resources for you at your fingertips for EVERY stage of relationship right here, you also can get 1 on 1 help and marriage support from us, your certified imago therapists.

We are here to support you in your search for intensive marriage counseling that works.

FREE Marriage counseling

Take the Marriage Restoration Process for a Test Drive. Immerse yourself in our materials: our guide / our Marriage School Online Course / our private 2 day Marriage Counseling Retreat/ and our Couples Start-Up Nation Facebook Group!

Not sure how to get started? It all starts with our guide which is based on Imago Therapy. Our guide helps you start solving relationship problems. Read it first!

What’s the First Step to solving your Relationship Problems?

Read Why Your Marriage Isn’t What it Used To Be, our popular guide based on Imago therapy. You’ll learn what you need to start doing to solve your relationship problems. Click the button below to begin learning the very tools that will get you to where you want to be-in the relationship of your dreams. There’s no risk, it’s our free gift to you. We value your privacy and all communication is confidential.

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Join the Couples Start-Up Nation if you are a married business owner, CEO, or executive wanting to grow your business, supporting your family and creating wealth all while raising your family and thriving in your marriage.

CEO success starts at home and the most successful business owners know that to to increase business ROI it’s essential to improve your marriage return on investment too!

Come on over and join the Couples Start-Up Nation tribe!

imago therapy

Finally! Solve

Relationship & Communication Problems

with no blame, no shame

You picked your spouse for a reason, out of everyone else. You wanted this relationship to work and it hasn’t been. It’s time to pick up the pieces and make your dream a reality. Start with our book.


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