Kids Divorce Coping Resources Therapy Worksheets




Children whose parents are going through a divorce need support. These digital therapy worksheets will help your child (preschool, teen, adult!) gain needed coping skills and provide help for any depression and anxiety coming from the trauma of the family transition.

These coping skills worksheets were written expressly for children of divorce by an adult child of divorce! Now married to a marriage counselor with a marriage counseling practice working with couples of all ages and stages- Rivka, our author and adult child of divorce, wrote what she wishes someone had provided for her when she was a child going through the abrupt and painful transition of divorce.

These kid worksheets were written so that children could have some support through this painful time. Instantly downloadable and printable, these mental health worksheets are ready to assemble into your own divorce journal or therapy journal so that you can support your children and minimize the after shock of divorce.