Setting Boundary Worksheets for Couples Personal Boundaries




For those who have a hard time setting boundaries or for therapist resources on behalf of clients, these boundaries worksheets will help you learn about boundaries and how to create healthy ones. In order to be in relationship with an “other,” you need boundaries to delineate who you are, and where your partner begins.

When you can set boundaries, you are empowered to start enjoying your relationships more so- as your sense of self is honored and valued and vice versa for those you are interacting with.

No longer can others “take over” your sense of self because you’ve clearly let them know what’s ok and what’s not ok with you. The important part of these worksheets is that it’s essentially a couples therapy communication book because so much of setting boundaries has to do with communication.

Start your journey towards a healthier self and happier relationships by printing these worksheets and using them in your very own boundaries workbook or printable boundaries journal setting for optimal mental health!