When Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin Speak, People Listen… and Most Importantly, They Take Action to Improve Their Most Important Relationships.

A Little Bit About Us

1. Media Appearances: Media savvy Marriage Expert, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, is often seen in print and on the web, when he is quoted for marriage advice, interviewed over radio, and asked for his article reprints. Shlomo Slatkin is a knowledgeable guest, with a calm manner, exuding warmth. Couples connect with him while watching/listening/reading at home with practical, solution-focused advice. Segment ideas for your program can be found here at this link.

2. Live Events: Shlomo can speak at your live event on a wide range of topics from day-to-day conflict dilemmas to deep rooted relationship issues. His wife Rivka Slatkin, Director of Engagement of The Marriage Restoration Project, often appears together with her husband Shlomo. Together, Shlomo and Rivka founded The Marriage Restoration Project out of concern for the global breakdown of relationships and families.

Program Formats

  • 30 Minute Keynote
  • 1 Hour Lecture
  • 2 Hour Seminar Experience
  • Full Day/2 Day Seminar
  • Weekend Workshop

Your group wants to be drawn in. Inspired. Motivated.

That’s what will make them want to attend all of the events that you plan.

That’s what makes them eagerly look forward to participating.

Live Appearances

Kollel Menachem, Melbourne, Australia
Yeshiva Shule, Melbourne, Australia
Ohr LaGolah/Yeshiva Ohr Sameach, Jerusalem, Israel
Charlotte, North Carolina
South Florida Orthodox Mental Health Retreat, Miami, Florida
Congregational Ariel, Dunwoody, Georgia
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel, Baltimore, Maryland
Etz Chaim Center, Baltimore and Owings Mills, Maryland
Goucher College Hillel, Towson, Maryland
Haddasah, Maryland
Jewish Addiction Services, Baltimore, Maryland
Kol Simcha Singles Retreat at Pearlstone, Reisterstown, Maryland
Maryland Association of Professional Organizers, Towson, Maryland Mompreneurs, Timonium, Maryland
Nshei Agudath Israel, Baltimore, Maryland
N’shei Chabad, Baltimore, Maryland
Persian Singles Shabbaton, Baltimore, Maryland
PsyD Program, Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland
Shidduch University, Baltimore, Maryland
Shomrei Emunah Singles Shabbaton, Baltimore, Maryland
The Pearlstone Torah Marriage & Family Enrichment Retreat, Reisterstown, Maryland
Women’s Institute of Torah, Baltimore, Maryland
Lubavitch Center of Howard County, Columbia, Maryland
Beth Israel, Congregation Owings Mills, Maryland
Chabad on Campus Kinus, Stamford, Connecticut
Kinus Hashluchim, Great Neck,New York
Kinus HaShluchos, Brooklyn, New York
West Side Institutional Synagogue, New York, New York


Media Appearances

WIYY 98 Rock, Baltimore, MD
Annie Jennings PR Radio
Shalom USA,  Baltimore, Maryland
The Jewish Home & Family Show, Israel National Radio
Imago Think Tank
Relationship Revolution Summit
The Huffington Post
The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Magazine
The Baltimore Jewish Times
Baltimore Jewish News
Australian Jewish News
The Jewish Press
Mishpacha Magazine
Where, What, When Magazine
Kallah Magazine
What’s Doing in Waterbury?
The Good Men Project
Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Centers of Greater Washington

Why Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin are the Right Choice for Your Event

Sincere, insightful, and deeply personal, Shlomo and Rivka deliver life-changing programs for your audience with their eye-opening shared experience. Your audience will be at the edge of their seats as they candidly share about what goes on in their own marriage. As only true professionals can, the Slatkins will engage, empower, and inspire your audience to take action.

Next Steps

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Highly Recommended! “Rabbi Slatkin introduced us to an innovative method for effective communication. The real-life scenarios that he role-played had us laughing out loud! His presentation was interactive, practical, and laced with good humor! Highly recommended!” – A Program Participant


“This is a very practical workshop/method which teaches both members of a couple how to listen and communicate and show love, care, and appreciation. I would recommend it to all couples. It is like preventative medicine for a marriage because it gave us a way to talk without reacting and speak about each other’s good points.”

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