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The Marriage Restoration Project has marriage counselors in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area practicing Imago relationship therapy at virtual and in-person retreats. Our immersive couples therapy retreats help couples in crisis who aren’t in a situation where traditional one-hour sessions could save their marriage. If you and your partner are on the verge of divorce book a complimentary 30-minute clarity call with Shlomo Slatkin or email us to request more information.


The Marriage Restoration Project was founded by Rivka and Shlomo Slatkin, who is a master level Imago relationship counselor, certified Imago Workshop Presenter, holds a Master of Science in Counseling, and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in marriage and couples therapy. Call or text (215) 494-7812 to book a couples retreat or to ask a question.

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Marriage Counseling Services & Retreat Packages

We host both intensive one-on-one marriage counseling retreats in-person at our Philadelphia office and online via Zoom. Check our calendar for availability or contact us to request more information. We help couples recover after infidelity, years of arguing, and have even helped couples get back together after one spouse moved out. Whatever issues you’re struggling with, our Imago relationship therapists can help you. Our services include but are not limited to:

What if my partner won’t go to therapy?

It’s common for a spouse to be reluctant about attending marital counseling but we can offer some guidance and tips to help them come around. If they are fully committed to your relationship (and you are too) we are confident that our strategies can help convince them that Imago therapy works.

How are Imago Relationship Therapy and Traditional Marital Counseling Different?

Imago therapy helps couples communicate and understand one another on a deeper level by uncovering childhood experiences triggering overreactive responses, suppression, or blaming one another.

Traditional weekly 50 to 90-minute therapy sessions barely even scratch the surface of conflict. By the time one party starts opening up the session is over. In our 2 day immersive couples counseling retreats we help uncover the real cause of conflict and equip them with the tools, exercises, and actions needed to bring happiness and joy back to their marriage.

If you’re in crisis, the first thing that you are looking for is the hope that your relationship can be better. Weekly sessions, which are normally only 50 minutes with other therapists, will often take a while to get you to a better place, and that’s provided that you have the stamina and resources to stick it out!

Unlike traditional counseling that discourages conflict Imago Relationship therapy encourages couples to embrace, listen, and respect one another’s feelings even when they don’t agree.

Conflict in marriage is inevitable yet healthy and completely normal unless disagreements lead to blaming, name calling, or stonewalling, or other hurtful behavior.  According to John Gottman who founded Imago Relationship Therapy, couples have unresolved disagreements 67% of the time. The remaining 33% are core conflicts that partners need to resolve to maintain a safe, nurturing relationship with their husbands or wives. That’s why learning how to communicate, even when experiencing stress and high levels of emotion, is such a critical skill for couples to learn.

What Happens at Our Intensive Counseling Retreats?

The Marriage Restoration Project’s  marriage counseling retreat is two full days of marital therapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, plus 8 followup sessions in person or on Skype or Zoom virtually.

Couples leave our 2 Day Retreat with newfound hope for their relationship, an understanding of what went wrong, and new skills to move forward.

Filled with momentum and new commitment to your relationship, you’ve accomplished what would take in 6 months of therapy. All the resistance is gone and now you can do the real work to make your marriage wonderful in our 8 followup sessions.

What Disputes Lead to the Most Conflict Among Couples?

Most marital fights fall into the following topics:


What Strategies Can Help Couples Learn to Embrace and Address Core Conflicts?

It’s important for people in relationship to remain calm and continue listening to their partner, especially during times of heated conflict. Using the imago dialogue we teach couples to recognize tense moments when they arise and stop to listen carefully to what their partner is trying to say instead of trying to talk over them. The imago dialogue includes three important steps ensure clear communication:

  1. Mirror
  2. Validate
  3. Empathize

Mirror. Then the partner who’s listening (aka the receiver) mirrors, or repeats what their partner said out loud to ensure they understand them.

Validate. Once the speaker is finished expressing their feelings the receiver validates them by telling them that they understand and that it makes sense.

Empathize. In the third step the receiver either repeats that they understand what their partner is saying or dives further, expressing other feelings they may have and asking questions.

This 3-step process enables communication even at times of intense conflict.

Contact our Philadelphia Marriage Therapists

Fill out the form below, call, or text (215) 494-7812 to contact our counselors.  You can also book a free 30-minute clarity call with Shlomo Slatkin to learn what’s happening in your relationship.


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