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Imago Therapy is the Most Effective Form of Marriage Counseling Out there…

That’s due to the structure that Imago therapy provides. This structure creates a feeling of “safety” allowing both partners to feel heard, understood, and valued.

An Imago therapist views your relationship as the “patient”, not either you or your spouse, as in regular therapy. It’s often referred to as “No Blame, No Shame” because of the safe dialogue process that is used to create a safe, non judgmental environment.

In Imago therapy, it’s all about connection. There’s no one taking sides, no one suggesting divorce or advising separation. It’s about you achieving ultimate growth and healing through your relationship.

That’s why we’ve taken it further and created the 2 Day “No Blame, No Shame” Marriage Restoration Retreat. The retreat is a combination of the 2 day intensive experience that is truly needed to create a breakthrough and then follows with 8 weekly sessions of marriage counseling so that you can truly take what you learned in the first 2 days and make it last.

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In Imago Therapy We Believe:

    • Imago marriage counseling onlineThe purpose of marriage is for growth and healing and making your conflict an opportunity to get your childhood right this time.
      • We all come with baggage from our pasts and so we get triggered by our partner in different ways. That conflict you are experiencing is purposeful and meaningful.
      • We believe you picked your spouse for a reason- you were drawn to him/her above all others. That’s no coincidence. Ultimately your spouse has the unique ability to heal you the most or hurt you the most. It all depends on how conscious you are.


It’s never too late to change.
Call 443-645-0630 now to learn more about Imago Relationship Therapy and our 2 Day “No Shame, No Blame” Marriage Restoration Retreat.

Why I became an Imago Relationship Therapist for Couples

imago relationship therapist

Marriage & Relationship Problems Affect the Whole Family

When your home is full of tension due marriage problems, everyone suffers. And on top of that pain and frustration, it’s really hard to believe that marriage could be better, after all, society is full of negative marriage jokes and insinuations. We often hear through TV and other media outlets that a lousy marriage is more common than a happy one. A lousy marriage is not funny.

It IS possible to transform your unhappy marriage though into a really, really happy one. The way I’ve seen that happen over and over again is through Imago Therapy. Imago therapy is one of the most successful, most proven form of couples therapy.Most therapists actually avoid doing couples work because it is just too hard to handle a couple that is very, very angry in a therapy session. Imago therapy was created precisely out of this need, the need for couples therapy that actually works!

My wife and I went to an Imago Therapist when we were first married

I never dreamed that I would become a Certified Imago Couples Therapist. I am probably not much different than most of you. When I got married to my wife, no one gave us a book of instructions of how to be married.While we may have received advice or even warnings, we did not have the tools to deal with the rough patches in our relationship.

All of that changed shortly after the birth of our first child. The added blessings and stresses of a newborn brought more tension to our relationship. I was upset and frustrated and felt lost until a friend recommended Imago.

I found a local Imago therapist that was recommended to us by different friends.

After the very first session we practiced, we fell right back in “love”, love with our relationship, love with the work we had just done, in love with how connected we felt.

My wife and I were amazed how after a one hour and a half session, we felt like newlyweds again. Beneath the pain and frustration, still lay the amazing connection that we once had. We also were able to view our relationship and conflict through a completely new paradigm.

More than being told that beneath the conflict lay an opportunity for growth and healing, we were able to experience how that could be a possibility through the practical and profound skills of the dialogue process we learned in our very first session!

I was studying for my Master in Counseling Psychology at the time and our therapist suggested I take special training to become a Certified Imago Couples Therapist. I was excited to have found therapy that works and was eager to help countless others achieve the same success my wife and I experienced.

Finally, a type of marriage counseling where both partners can feel safe and can learn to be in relationship in a calm and loving way.

I truly believe that the biggest challenge we are facing at this time in history is unhealthy relationships, whether it be husband/wife, parent/child, or friends. In our abundant society we have everything, but without peace in our relationships we truly have nothing. If we could effectively relate with others, many of our societal ills would cease to exist. As we bring peace to our relationships, may we experience the ultimate peace.

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