Imago Therapy is the Most Effective Form of Marriage Counseling Out there…


That’s due to the structure that Imago therapy provides. This structure creates a feeling of “safety” allowing both partners to feel heard, understood, and valued.

An Imago therapist views your relationship as the “patient”, not either you or your spouse, as in regular therapy. It’s often referred to as “No Blame, No Shame”.

In Imago therapy, it’s all about connection. There’s no one taking sides, no one suggesting divorce or advising separation. It’s about you achieving ultimate growth and healing through your relationship.

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In Imago Therapy We Believe:

    • The purpose of marriage is for growth and healing and that your conflict is an opportunity to get your childhood right this time.


    • We all come with baggage from our pasts and so we get triggered by our partner in different ways. That conflict you are experiencing is purposeful and meaningful.


    • We believe you picked your spouse for a reason- you were drawn to him/her above all others. That’s no coincidence. Ultimately your spouse has the unique ability to heal you the most or hurt you the most. It all depends on how conscious you are.


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