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Most people think they understand how important effective communication is in relationships. But if that’s the case, why is effective communication between partners still so difficult for so many people in relationships? You can improve intimacy and have a deeper connection with your spouse using the Imago dialogue, strategies, exercises, and guided roleplaying sessions. As couples we can get stuck in unhealthy patterns, and most issues that arise in committed relationships are at their deepest core, caused by miscommunication. A single miscommunication can snowball into many more problems if allowed to fester over time. Our relationship communication coaches can help shed light on what’s going on and teach you the tools and skills needed to bring the love and happiness back to your marriage.

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At The Marriage Restoration Project, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and the rest of our team want to help you and your partner get to the bottom of—and transcend beyond—the communication challenges in your marriage. That’s why we’re proud to offer Communication Coaching for couples experiencing issues in their marriage. Learn how Imago relationship therapy saved our marriage many years ago, and how that experience inspired us to start helping other couples.

Mastering Communication for Deeper Connection

Couples who can communicate well during times of conflict are typically mastered communication in their relationships. They understand that in a committed relationship, the only way to achieve a deeper connection is if they both deeply listen and understand each other’s fears, insecurities, goals, and feelings. Sometimes the elephant in the room is an unspoken gesture that super couples who communicate freely will pick up on.

Improving Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

The only way to improve emotional intimacy with your partner is to learn how to understand, trust, and listen to them; this type of vulnerability and commitment to one another creates a powerful connection that not many couples ever get to experience. Our couples communication coaches will teach you the skills you need to trust, surrender, and fall madly back in love like you were when you first started dating. That’s because emotional intimacy fosters deeper communication, a stronger bond, and even more intimacy in the bedroom.

Communication coaching is right for you if you…

  • Ever feel confused, lost, lonely, stuck, or misunderstood in your marriage
  • You and your spouse have stopped making love and lost the intimacy you once enjoyed
  • Are satisfied with your communication most of the time—but get frustrated by the breakdown in effective dialogue that happens when one or both of you become emotionally charged
  • Feel like you and your spouse “talk” more than you actually “connect”
  • Are committed to each other, but still sense a rift between you that you can’t quite put your finger on
  • Worry that you’re just spinning your wheels when it comes to certain issues or challenges in your marriage
  • Believe there’s something more to effective communication than simply “active listening” (Psst—there is!)
  • Would benefit from having someone who can help you stay accountable to each other as you work to strengthen your marriage
  • Have tried to communicate with your husband or wife but they won’t talk to you about it
  • Are ready to take your emotional intimacy to a new level—whether you’ve been together for one year, one decade, or more

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How Does Communication Coaching Work?

Communication coaching is an ideal complement in any marriage. Whether you’ve attended marriage counseling before, you just started looking, or you’ve experienced our unique immersive marital counseling retreats before it will help you and your partner have more intimate, satisfying, and vulnerable conversations and experiences.

In communication coaching, we focus on practical, actionable steps you can take to express your needs. These include clarifying and defining your shared goals, and strengthening the “connection muscles” you never knew you had.

You and your spouse will unpack the current communication roadblocks in your marriage, then discover and practice new strategies to overcome these conversational obstacles with our relationship communication coaches.

These skills and strategies will ultimately help you both build a more cohesive “language” that can transform your relationship, elevating your sense of connection and intimacy.

Because here’s the thing about developing mastery of communication:

  • It’s not just about exchanging words and ideas—it’s about intimately understanding each other’s emotional needs
  • It’s not about having your therapist solve problems for you—it’s about learning the framework you need to address your problems together
  • It’s not about avoiding difficult conversations—it’s about gaining tools and skills that will allow you to face even the most challenging issues with a greater sense of groundedness, respect, and understanding

Evidence-based communication coaching can help you and your partner—here’s how:

  • Learn how to express yourself honestly—no blame, no shame, no judgment
  • Gain an even deeper understanding of each other by fostering trust, openness, and empathy
  • Recognize your unhelpful and often unconscious communication habits—then replace them with something more effective
  • Begin to see conflict as an opportunity for growth rather than as a threat to your relationship
  • Reaffirm your commitment to each other as teammates, not adversaries
  • Experience the benefits (freedom, safety, and joy) of establishing healthy boundaries within your marriage
  • Strengthen your connection while still honoring each other’s privacy and autonomy
  • Develop a fuller and more complete sense of love for your partner and yourself

Communicate, Connect, Come Together & Grow!

If you’re ready to truly be seen, heard, and understood by your spouse—and to offer those invaluable gifts to them, as well—then contact The Marriage Restoration Project today to learn more about our intensive relationship therapy retreats or book a free 30-minute clarity call with Rabbi Shlomo to learn more about what’s causing your communication issues.

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