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The Marriage Restoration Project: North Virginia Marriage Counseling Retreats

The Marriage Restoration Project was founded in Maryland by Rivka & Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin. Slatkin and his colleagues’ couples counseling practices use imago therapy to help restore relationships across greater Loudon and Fairfax County. Slatkin is a certified Imago Therapist, certified Imago Workshop Presenter, holds a Master of Science in Counseling and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in marriage and couples therapy. If you are having marital issues with communication, on the verge of a breakup or divorce, or just want to feel the love you used to, we can help.

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Phone: (540) 316-6501
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We serve locations in the Norther Virginia areas of Leesburg in Loudoun County including Ashburn, Middleburg, Purcellville, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Charlestown West, Frederick, Spring Ridge, Applegate, Ballenger Creek, Golden Miles, Clover Hill, and Fairfax County, Virginia.

“We offer one of the most effective forms of marriage counseling that exists worldwide, the “No Blame, No Shame” 2 day Marriage Restoration Retreat”. Originally founded in Baltimore, our unique marriage help program for couples is now available in other cities, with clinicians we have trained to facilitate couples in our exact and unique methodology of counseling! Distance should never be an issue for you to get the best help out there for your most important relationship- your marriage! We now offer couples therapy online via Zoom and Skype, and virtual intensive marriage retreats!

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., LCPC, Founder

Marriage & Relationship Problems we Help Fix and Treat

  • Intimacy Problems & Sexless Marriages
  • Communication Problems
  • Name Calling & Verbal Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Cheating & Infidelity
  • Miscommunication
  • Scapegoating
  • Lying & Trust Issues
  • Addiction
  • Mental Illness
  • Personality Disorders
  • Manipulation

Why Choose Us?

      • 10+ Years Experience Counseling Couples with Imago Therapy.
      • Featured on Fox45, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Jewish Times & more
      • Located Near You in Jersey City
      • MS in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Advanced Clinician

      Success Stories Featured on the Following Local News Outlets

      The Baltimore Sun
      Baltimore Magazine
      Huffington Post
      Chicago Tribune

      In addition, their therapy work for couples has been featured in national blogs and papers such as the Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, Readers Digest, Psychology Today, Bustle, The Good Men Project, and many more.

      Just because someone advertises that they see couples, does NOT mean that they have any expertise in the area. A social work degree or a psychology degree, does not make one trained in the extremely specialized and delicate work of marriage counseling.

      Just as you wouldn’t go to your general practitioner for an operation, you wouldn’t want to go to a general therapist to save your marriage.

      The future of your family and peace of mind is at stake. Lucky for you, a nationally renowned therapist is right around the corner.

      How to Find a Couples Counselor Right for You

      When it comes to choosing an imago relationship therapist San Diego County seems to have dozens of options. Our imago therapists use the Imago communication method and imago dialogue to help you learn to communicate effectively without blaming or shaming one another. We hope that you will consider our “No Blame, No Shame” approach to marriage counseling that we’ve been using successfully with couples for over a decade.

      Since your marriage is your most important relationship, you’ll want to make sure you set yourself up for success by choosing the best counselor for your marriage, not the closest or the cheapest counselor.

      If you want marriage counseling that will actually work and not make things worse, think about attending an immersive marriage therapy retreat or affordable group workshops.

      We’ve learned from experience that as much as couples want to fix their relationship problems in once a week 50-90 minute sessions, that is just not going to work. By the time you sit down and talk with each other and with the therapist, your time is up.

      That’s why, here at The Marriage Restoration Project, we only see couples in a 2-day marriage intensive format for their marriage counseling needs.

      This intensive marriage counseling format works, and that’s why Rabbi and Rivka Slatkin have over 10 years of real marriage retreat reviews and testimonials from couples all across the United States including New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and much more.

      Rabbi and Rivka Slatkin have hosted imago marriage workshops for couples and private marriage intensives using imago relationship therapy for over 10 years. Their successful marriage counseling work has been featured locally on many news outlets.

      More about our 2 Day marriage retreat program

      We’d Love to Help You

      Our North Virginia Clinician

      Theresa Beeton, PhD, Leesburg, VA
      Licensed Psychologist, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Getting the Love You Want Workshop Presenter

      Our Counseling Services & Retreat Packages

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      Can you trust your marriage counselor?

      What You Should Know Before You Decide to Work with a Marriage Counselor.

      Marriage Counseling can be a matter of life or death for your relationship. Many counselors are not equipped to handle the dynamic of working with two people in a room. Unless dealt with in a skillful way, conflict can escalate and the sessions can do more damage than good – stirring up old hurt and not offering constructive solutions for healing. Some counselors encourage divorce, for lack of a better solution.

      You are coming in to make your marriage better or to save it. The last thing you want to hear is that the professional can’t help you!

      You also have a LOT of choices when it comes to marriage counselors in Leesburg. It’s important to choose a therapist who supports your goals for your relationship.

      If your goal is to stay together and fix your marriage problems, our Private 2 day Marriage Restoration Retreat is for you. We are located in Leesburg near Arlington VA. Contact us today!

      What Happens During the 2 Day Intensive Retreat:

      What Happens During the 2 Day Intensive Retreat:

      My name is Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Imago Relationships Therapist (Advanced Clinician). I’ve put together a tried and true formula for you so that that you can feel optimistic and hopeful again about enjoying a marriage that is respectful, supportive, and healthy. It would be a privilege to work with you and support you in effectively bringing back clarity and love into your relationship.

      If you’re experiencing difficulties in your marriage, you NEED to have an intensive experience in order to create a breakthrough for your relationship.

      And it is also crucial to have followup to integrate what you’ve learned so that your results will be long lasting- which is what you want!

      Unlike a marriage workshop where you participate in a group setting with other couples, the retreat will give the privacy you need to deal with some of the most painful and personal issues you are facing in your relationship.

      The Marriage Restoration Retreat is two full days of marital therapy in my Baltimore office, plus 8 followup sessions in person or on Skype. If you’re in crisis, the first thing that you are looking for is the hope that your relationship can be better. Weekly sessions, which are normally only 50 minutes with other therapists, will often take a while to get you to a better place, and that’s provided that you have the stamina and resources to stick it out!

      Couples leave our 2 Day Retreat with newfound hope for their relationship, an understanding of what went wrong, and new skills to move forward.

      Filled with momentum and new commitment to your relationship, you’ve accomplished what would take in 6 months of therapy. All the resistance is gone and now you can do the real work to make your marriage wonderful in our 8 followup sessions.

      We participated in your retreat 6 weeks ago!
      When we participated in your Two Day Marriage Intensive about six weeks ago, we were at a crossroads in our relationship. We were recovering from infidelity, separated, and hoping to get some clarity as to whether there was a future for us and our young family. We walked away with hope that our communication could be different and that we could be more transparent with each other.

      We knew it would take time to decide our future but we were definitely open to the possibility that the relationship could last.

      Six weeks later, we are still experiencing positive results.
      We are spending more time with each other, having fun again, and our able to communicate with out the constant reactivity and defensiveness that was plaguing our relationship. While it will take time to rebuild the trust that was broken, we are hopeful that as we continue to implement and integrate the work we did with you that we will build a more solid future for our family. We can’t thank you enough for your help.

      C and K, Baltimore, MD *
      *Individual Results May Vary

      What Dr. Harville Hendrix, Founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, has to say about our work

      how to become a marriage counselor

      Dr. Harville Hendrix, P.h.D, founder of Imago Relationship Therapy with Rivka and Shlomo Slatkin, of

      “Any couple interested in restoring their marriage and sustaining it will be blessed if they follow the logical and clear steps and processes described by Rabbi Slatkin, MS, LCPC in the Marriage Restoration Project.”


      Our marriage was like a desert…

      We arrived at Rabbi Slatkin’s office desperate and on our very last legs – much like a long journey through the desert without food, water or a map. We have been married for 17 years, together for 20 years and the very same trouble spots were still presenting themselves over and over again. Those trouble spots have not only distorted many pages of our relationship but they were increasing in intensity over the years. We thought we had reached a crisis point and engaged in EFT couples therapy. We attended for over 7 months with no tangible results to sustain a better relationship. We were only able to barely arrest the process of the screaming matches, let alone the damage and exhaustion were always present. We truly believe that once you begin to seek help as a couple, a significant amount of damage has already occurred and vague dialogues about pleasantries and connection are unable to touch the place where you both need to be in order to be successful. We were both very saddened and desperate for REAL help as another 7 months had passed us by without any true relief. So, road weary and exhausted with barely a glimmer of hope, we embarked upon the Marriage Restoration Project journey. The structure of this program not only allows you to hear your spouse but it also allows you to finally be heard. Rabbi Slatkin and his wife are to be commended for creating this program and presenting a protocol that has immediate results with long lasting communication measures to sustain your relationship. My husband and I entered our home together after the second day and everything looked different. We both felt safe for the first time in a very long time in each other’s presence –perhaps for the first time since we had met. We laughed, we smiled and looked at one another with curiosity again almost as if a reset button had been pushed. The Imago communication dialog allows both of your inner children to meet in a more formal setting thus facilitating the ability to see, recognize and validate where your partners issues and healing reside. Many, many thanks – we are relieved, happy and excited once again to look at the future…..together.

      Hilda & John, Maryland

      By the time you finish reading this, another marriage will have ended in divorce. Good news, you can do something about it!

      There’s nothing quite like the power of gaining clarity on a confusing situation. Complete the form below to talk with Rabbi Slatkin to see what he thinks would be best for you and your unique situation.

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