Imago Relationship Therapy Worksheets, Books & Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Imago and are looking for Imago Relationship Therapy worksheets, books & resources, here are our best recommendations:


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1. Getting the Love You Want Book (on Amazon)– The book that started it all 30 years ago, by Dr. Harville Hendrix is a New York Times Bestseller. This book will provide a basic guide explaining the theoretical underpinnings of Imago Therapy, why it works, as well as exercises to do at home. It is groundbreaking in providing a new understanding of why couples choose each other, why they experience conflict, and how they can reconnect and repair.


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2. The Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop– Based on the book, this two-day group workshop will forever change your marriage. An affordable foray into the Imago work, you will understand your relationship in a new way, gain hope, and learn transformative tools to make your marriage everything you dreamed of when you first met. Sign up for our next online marriage workshop.


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3. The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy Marriage– If you are looking for a short, yet practical read you can implement, our book is a quick way to learn some of the basics of Imago therapy without getting bogged down in psychological theory. Countless couples have found our book to be a game-changer


4. No Blame No Shame Communication Marriage Video training – If you are short on time or don’t like to read, but really want to learn how to put Imago in practice, our video training will help you learn the Appreciation and Intentional Dialogue process. You’ll get to watch Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka confront real-life scenarios in their marriage and use Imago tools to resolve them.

To learn more about Imago and download worksheets and resources, take the 5 step Communication Training.



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