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Looking for the best marriage counselor in the Manhattan, NYC area to help improve your marriage and fix relationship issues? The Marriage Restoration Project has Imago relationship therapists nearby who can help you work on your communication, minimize reactive triggers, and help you re-learn how to listen and appreciate one another. Ready to save your marriage? Book a free 30-minute clarity call with us today, send us an email, or call (917) 426-0596 to reach us during business hours.


NYC Online Marriage Counseling Retreats

We treat couples across the greater Manhattan, New York City, NY area.

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manhattan nyc marriage counseling retreats

Counseling for Couples in Crisis

We provide a unique type of marital counseling for couples experiencing traumatic events and crises during intensive marriage retreats for immersive one-on-one imago therapy retreats for couples or more social group workshops where couples can work on their marriages and socialize with other like-minded couples. We help couples overcome many types of conflict including the following.

Why Choose The Marriage Restoration Project

Rivka and Shlomo Slatkin are the founders of our family and relationship therapy organization. Shlomo Slatkin is a Master Level Imago Marriage Workshop Presenter and Imago Therapist. Shlomo holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Oxford University and has undergone extensive training at the Imago Relationship Institute. Shlomo is also a member of the American Mental Health Counselors’ Association, Imago Relationships International, and Mid-Atlantic Association of Imago Therapists.

Our unique approach to marriage counseling teaches couples how to stop fighting over trivial things, build a deeper connection to one another, and learn to communicate using the Imago dialogue. Our immersive therapy occurs over a two-day boot camp-style marriage therapy retreat during which you are given the tools needed to transform your marriage. We’ll teach you both to become better listeners so you can hear what your partner is really saying instead of through the filter or lens that changes your perception of their actions and words.

Imago therapy is based on the principle that what each of us experienced during childhood affects our actions and behavior as adults. That’s why each of us sometimes hears what we want to when we’re speaking to our spouse because our minds automatically filter our perceptions if we’re feeling anxious, avoidant, or afraid.

We counsel couples of every religion and faith, not just Jewish or Christian couples. Not religious? That’s okay too. We can incorporate elements of your faith or omit them, it’s your choice.

Understanding How Your Relationship Changed 

There are several recognizable stages in romantic relationships. The stage in which most problems arise that can cause a series of rifts in your marriage is the power struggle phase. In this phase couples may start to repeat unhealthy patterns like not listening to the other partner, calling them hurtful names, and fighting over things that they will never agree about (even though disagreeing about many things is normal and healthy).

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Contact us to learn more or schedule a free clarity call to learn more about what’s been going on in your relationship and how we can help you and your spouse avoid divorce and restore your marriage.


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