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Sometimes when we try to succeed in life, we are held back by trauma from childhood.

We all grow up facing challenges throughout our lifetime and it is particularly hard for children to walk away unscathed from their experience.

This is not to blame our caregivers, after all, your parents did the best that they could with the tools that they had. But now, as an adult, you might find yourself not having fully forgiven past offenses. You’ll know that to be the case if you find yourself triggered by others.

As Dr. Harville Hendrix says, ”The unconscious is trying to resurrect the past is not a matter of habit or blind compulsion but of a compelling need to heal old childhood wounds.”

We are placed in situations with others where conflict will arise- and this time around- we have the chance to get it right; finally getting our needs met.

A shortcut to healing your childhood

After working to heal our own old wounds from childhood, we hit a plateau (after 18 years) in our own personal journey towards growth and healing.

Sure, everything we’d been doing with Imago therapy and our relationship was working just fine but we wanted a little bit of a push!

We discovered that the healing power of meditation coupled with our relationship work could be even more powerful towards lasting growth and change.

But we couldn’t find any books that talked about both healing relationships PLUS meditations. And so we wrote one!

Introducting…Emerging Childhood Unscathed

In this book you will discover:

    • What to do when you’ve hit a plateau in your personal journey towards growth and healing
    • Meditations for Couples and for Individuals to improve their quality of life
    • Why you should always do this before every conversation
    • What you need to feel emotionally safe

Not sure if you can heal your childhood after all these years?

This material gets to the root of your issues even if you’ve not been able to change them after 10, 20, 30 years.

    • That’s because this book deals with your unconscious mind as well as your conscious mind so you don’t need to “try” or make an effort for it to work, it just does when you ultimately quiet the mind

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With best wishes for your relationship success!

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin