March 17, 2020

Second Day of Covid Quarantine with My Kids

Because of me feeling pressured all day yesterday to adhere to a schedule, which is something generally very difficult for me to do with my adult ADHD, I decided to do away with the kids’ “homeschool” schedule.

I told them we will definitely learn the material sent home by their teachers at some point during the day but it wasn’t going to be a formal schedule. We will just go with the flow.

Sleepless Night

During the night I had woken up at 3 am and couldn’t sleep. I checked my phone (bad idea) and then, of course, found it harder to fall asleep after doing so.

Thankfully, Shlomo let me sleep until 11 AM!

When I woke up I was pleasantly surprised by how calm and occupied the kids were. Turns out, Shlomo’s calm energy really has a great effect on the kids. He radiates calm and thus they feel calm and have a much easier time occupying themselves when I’m not there 🙂

Maintaining a Sense of Calm

Today went well, with the kids choosing to vacuum without even being asked and learning their various school materials when they want to. Playing outside and watching interesting live streams as they are inspired to.

Shlomo is writing an article comparing what he tends to see when working with couples in crisis and comparing it to the crisis that we are all experiencing now so that we can learn from it and grow together in positive ways. We talked about the importance of doing this after reading about how China is already experiencing elevated divorce rates post virus.

Later on Facebook Live

I will be speaking later today on a Facebook live with my friend Amy Stefanik, author of The Entrepreneur’s Wife, about the number one challenge that I experience as an entrepreneur’s wife. There are several major challenges of course but for me, the biggest challenge is the financial uncertainty, which I’m sure now many of you can relate to (even those of you with steady jobs).

I’ll be talking about what I do during those times when I feel uncertain. Now that I have the meditation course I created, I will definitely be mentioning that as a resource, as it’s a great way to always stay open and positive when feeling nervous. You can watch the first coronavirus meditation video for couples and individuals here, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get a notification when we publish new ones.


P.S. We did make a cute craft, snow globes for kids, out of stuff we had already around the house. Kids are pleased with the results!.







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