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Schedule a marriage retreat to stop divorce and save your marriage with divorce counseling. If you are the one considering divorce or your spouse is threatening divorce or even taking the measures to file for a divorce, an intensive experience will give you the clarity that you need about what is going on in your relationship that’s made it so uncomfortable that divorce seems to be the only logical next step.

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Why is a marriage counseling retreat the best way to stop divorce?

Couples come into their private marriage counseling retreat often thinking that divorce is the only option. And most of the time, these couples decide to stop their divorce process and intercept the downward spiral of their marriage. That’s due to the clarity they get after working for 2 days intensively on their marriage with marriage counseling that actually works (there is a lot of marriage counseling out there that actually makes things worse).

What happens is, that once they begin to learn more about what brought them together initially and what has driven them apart, how they need to “be” in relationship, and how to heal and reclaim the relationship they once had, how to regain the love and passion they once had (and get it if they never had it!), get the chance to safely work through some of their most difficult issues, without having to sacrifice their own needs and beliefs, and finally felt heard…

…so much of what’s been causing the desire to divorce seems to slowly melt away.

A marriage counseling retreat is kind of like a private getaway where you and your spouse have the opportunity to work exclusively on your marriage for 6 hours a day. Unlike a marriage workshop where you participate in a group setting with other couples, the retreat will give the privacy you need to deal with some of the most painful and personal issues you are facing in your relationship.

Even if you’re unsure if it’s possible to stop your divorce, don’t give up! Every marriage can be helped, if both parties are motivated to learn how to do so.

You really will see immediate results and you won’t even have to wait two days. By lunch of the first day you will already have hope that your divorce can be stopped.


Q: What exactly is a Marriage Counseling retreat?

A: It’s a private intensive experience where we work together for 2 days working one-on-one with you and your spouse.

Q: Where do they take place?

A: They take place at a private location in Baltimore or over Skype if you are too far to travel.

Q: How long are the days?

A: Each day consists of 6 hours of counseling, with an hour lunch break.

Q: Have the retreats been successful for marriage problems such as infidelity, loss of love, family problems, anger, marriage counseling that hasn’t worked before?

A: We’ve seen even the worst of marriages begin to heal after the 2 days of working together intensely.

Q: Do we need to be familiar with The Marriage Restoration Project Program?
A: Just come with an open mind. We provide all the materials for you that we think will be most helpful to you and your spouse.

Q: When are they scheduled?
A: Because our retreats are private, and do not include other couples, we schedule them on 2 consecutive days that are mutually agreed upon.

Q: Where can we stay in Baltimore?
A: We’d be happy to provide recommendations for some of the best hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area for your couples retreat location.

Q:I’m confused by all the options, Can you help me compare them
A: Sure, it’s just choosing between our private or group retreat. Compare them here:

Don’t take our word for it. Read the following Marriage Counseling Retreat Reviews:

I had little hope for our marriage surviving and wondered how we could possibly deal with two decades of hurt and dysfunction in a relatively short time. In fact, just like the books say, having the experience of “being heard for the first time” was profoundly and instantly transformative. I can hardly think of a marriage that wouldn’t benefit from work with him. And thinking of all of the people I know who have been divorced, I think that at least half of the marriages could have been saved by two days with Rabbi Slatkin.

Ruth, Cleveland, Ohio


“Thank you for working with us in such a kind, compassionate, competent manner and helping to give us hope – hope that not only can our marriage survive, but actually thrive, flourish and become healing rather than destructive.”

Barb S. New York, NY


“After going through your program, I feel like a completely different person. Although we have spent years in therapy, we were still on the verge of divorce. The skills we have learned have helped us break the vicious cycle of conflict and we are actually able to enjoy each other’s company again.” Harold, New York


” Rabbi Slatkin, you have given us such a gift by working with us. After being ready to give up, I have new hope for our relationship. I really feel like I have a willing partner and that our marriage is worth fighting for.” Maria, Latin America


“My husband and I were on the verge of separating and probably divorcing. Just prior to my taking the necessary steps to make that happen, my husband asked me if I would be willing to consult with Rabbi Slatkin first. We had previously considered asking Rabbi Slatkin for help, but did not follow through, and, instead sought help elsewhere. Although, the other help we sought was useful, we found that we were at an impasse and could make no further progress.


I agreed and asked Rabbi Slatkin to schedule us for his intensive program as I thought nothing less than something INTENSIVE could possibly help us at that point. Rabbi Slatkin recognized my urgency and was very responsive, scheduling us within a few days.


I must admit that although I was willing, I was definitely not optimistic, nor was I entirely open to us working things out with each other. I was only open to the slight possibility that our marriage could continue.


However, I was convinced that Rabbi Slatkin would be providing me a safe place where I could at the very least, say what I wanted to say without fear of my husband’s reaction. I no longer felt I had anything to lose. Knowing a very little bit about Imago, I thought I might also find out some valuable things about myself whether or not my husband and I were able to work things out.


To my surprise, all three happened. I said what I wanted to say, I found out some extremely important things about myself, AND my husband and I both feel we have a good chance at marital success now that we know more information about each other and have tools to utilize to assist us in maintaining the open lines of communication in our marriage.


This was an extremely expensive solution that we could not afford to NOT do. We are both extremely grateful to have been able to take Rabbi Slatkin’s intensive program.”

Diane, Baltimore, MD


I am feeling very hurt from painful history in our 9 years of marriage. my husbands anger and quick temper made me very doubtful that he’d be able to handle the mirroring process. but it really worked to keep him from lashing back when I shared my hurt. I was for the 1st time able to feel like he was starting to hear me.

“We have tried many things for many years and I literally had to drag my wife along. After the 1st day of the intensive, she looked forward to waking up in the morning again for the first time in a long time.”

Josh, Baltimore, Maryland

“I would like to say how much I appreciate participating in 2 days intense session with Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin. It helped me a lot to understand what issue I have what was missing in our relationship what I’ve done wrong and what I need to do. Book materials, techniques, exercises and examples were so helpful. Positive atmosphere during sessions, guidance and help from rabbi, dialogues and open minded conversations brought a lot of positives and hopes. . I believe we found right way to go in our marriage and relationship. Thank you so much”
Victor, Maryland

Looking for help? Looking for answers? Looking for things to work out? This two days session of work helped me to understand and realize there is a way, a way to a new you, where I can be happy again.
Thank you Rabbi.
Sara, Maryland


Your divorce can be stopped. You owe it to your children, you owe it to your marriage and most of all you owe it to yourselves.


There’s nothing quite like the power of gaining clarity on a confusing situation. Complete the form below to talk with Rabbi Slatkin to see what he thinks would be best for you and your unique situation.

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