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In this podcast episode designed to provide you with relationship help, Rivka shared an experience she had recently with an acquaintance where she was left feeling unheard and invalidated. Do you feel heard and validated by a particular friend? There’s nothing like it 🙂

We discuss more about feeling heard and validated and why that’s important:

1: The importance of validation: Deep down we all want to feel heard and understood. If you’re really listening to someone else, you are able to validate their experience well.

2. What it is and what it isn’t: Validation is acknowledging the right of the other person to feel what they are feeling and experience what they are experiencing. It is to acknowledge that they have their own truth. Validation is NOT agreeing or giving up your own perspective. It is not about who is right or wrong. It’s simply acknowledging the other person’s experience (and or pain).

3. How to validate and listen to someone properly: The simple formula is to sincerely say, “What you’re saying makes sense!” You are acknowledging that their experience is valid regardless of your opinion or the facts.

4. How effective communication and validating someone can impact your relationships for the better:  We all have friends that we can call up and after venting, they make us feel so much better. We also have the friends that don’t make us feel better at all.

What does it take for you and your spouse to be those friends for each other- the one who makes you feel better when you share- so that you don’t have to turn to anyone else?

That’s what we want for you! To feel heard and validated more deeply than ever before.


Click here to listen to the rest of the podcast episode on feeling heard and validated:


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