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Couples Therapy Retreat Vacation Packages Hawaii


Rekindle the love in your relationship at a tropical couples therapy retreat in Hawaii. The Marriage Restoration Project uses imago therapy marriage counseling in these immersive retreats, but there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the beach together. Now booking reservations from through 202 and 2024..


Couples Therapy Retreats Kohala Gold Coast of Hawaii Island

You’ve probably learned by now that marriage requires maintenance. What better place to work on your relationship than an immersive marriage counseling retreat in sunny Hawaii! Our Imago relationship therapy retreats are taken to a whole new level when they’re hosted by our clinicians in the Hawaiian Islands. Book a tropical getaway to Hawaii for couples’ imago therapy AND romance in the paradise. The Marriage Restoration Project uses imago the Imago couples counseling at these immersive retreats, but there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the beach together.

Get ready to bring your relationship to a whole new level at our immersive retreat. We teach couples to communicate effectively, truly listen to one another, and improve their appreciation for one another so you can bring back the love you remember. You can also add a few extra days to your stay after the retreat for a truly romantic couples getaway.

Book Upcoming Relationship Therapy Retreats on Hawaii’s Gold Coast

Tropical Getaway + Imago Marriage Counseling

Our couples retreats are not all sunshine and sand. Our immersive two-day marriage retreats include imago relationship therapy to deepen your relationship, but you’re free to enjoy the island and book another hotel or resort once your retreat has ended. In fact, we encourage you to enjoy one another on the volcanic wonderland that is Hawaii.  If you and your spouse haven’t been getting along, you’ve done therapy before and are backsliding, or you just know you need to work on your marriage, this retreat is right for you. Combining the beautiful beaches, islands, and saltwater for your marriage workshop/vacation with intermittent couples therapy, we can help improve your marriage. During the retreat, we’ll help you navigate recurring issues in your marriage like money fights, communication problems, cheating, and parenting disputes.

It’s okay for couples to disagree. In fact, that is completely normal. What’s not alright is constant negativity, blame, shame, and disconnect that comes as a result of not knowing how to communicate your differences. Want to learn more about the accommodations, retreat itinerary, or Hawaii? Continue reading to learn more.

Why Book a Couples Retreat in Hawaii?

  • There are quite a few reasons you should book a getaway with your partner to work on your marriage including…
  • you have been fighting and need to work on your marriage
  • you need to work on your marriage communication
  • you feel like you’ve hit a rough patch and haven’t had time for one another
  • you need a vacation TOGETHER to reconnect after holiday stress
  • you just want an excuse to getaway and spend time with you husband or wife

What’s Included

  • 2 Days in the Kohala district on the Northwest Coast of Hawaii Island
  • 2 Days of Intensive Couples Therapy including an educational workshop, workbooks and all materials.


Day 1: Restoring Hope

6 Hours to open up your eyes to the realization that your marriage has the potential to be different.

Day 2: Hope Becomes Reality

6 Hours to turn your hope for your new relationship into reality.

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Kohala, Hawaii Gold Coast, Waimea, aka Kamuela, HI


June 16-17, 2023, July 14 & 15, 2023, July 17-18, 2023, August 26-27, 2023, September 9-10, 2023, September 16-17, 2023, October 20-21, 2023, October 28-29, 2023


$5500.00 per couple


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