Oprah was the first person to make Harville Hendrix and Imago Therapy famous. It became one of the biggest gifts in the world of marriage counseling that works to heal relationships.

More inspiration about Harville Hendrix and Imago therapy:

This is a powerful video of Oprah giving an overview of Imago therapy and talking about how Harville Hendrix changed the way she viewed relationships. Back in the 80s, Harville came on the Oprah Show and that show was archived into The Best of Oprah shows under the title “What your Marriage is trying to teach you”. That episode with Harville Hendrix began the momentum for Imago and the concept of the Imago workshops to grow throughout the globe. Watch this beautiful video in which Oprah describes when Harville taught her just how a marriage has the power to heal both husband and wife simultaneously.

Watch how Harville Hendrix takes a couple through hell and back

Harville still leads the occasional weekend and workshops of his own, along with his wife Helen Lakelly Hunt though they spend much time speaking and writing new books! They are true leaders in that they created a movement in which other trained therapists can learn Harville’s approach and make it their own. These therapists like myself, host workshops, lead training sessions, and offer private counseling sessions.

We silently thank Harville every day for founding Imago theory as it saved our own marriage and then gave us the ability to share it with other couples to save their marriages!

Here are some other neat Oprah interviews about Harville and Imago.

You can experience it too by attending the next Getting the Love You Want weekend. That is the workshop that Harville created and it truly is a magical experience!

Our Private 2 day Marriage Restoration Retreat uses the same principles of Imago Therapy that Harville created. Work with us privately to put a laser focus on your marriage so that you can finally face, trace, and erase the past baggage that keeps coming up to plague your marriage every day. Talk with us today about our Marriage Restoration Retreat.


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