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Tropical Imago Marriage Therapy Retreat in Miami, Florida

Gaining Clarity in a Beautiful Location.

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Reconnect with your Partner

Want your spouse to start showing affection again like they did before you started arguing?

You can change your relationship and go from fighting and jealousy to WOW now I remember why I fell in love with you!


Stop fighting about money, calling each other names, and ignoring one another. We’ll teach you how to be more self-aware, become a better listener, and really understand what your partner wants and needs.

Go from doubting your marriage will last …to feeling like you’re the luckiest person on earth because you married your husband or wife.

Voted by Brides Magazine as one of the best couples retreats in the world!


A Weekend to Improve Your Marriage and Communication

Sometimes we “forget” our spouse.

Not literally, but in a way we really do.

We get wrapped up in the stress of raising the kids, pressures of work and living…

…and we forget why we fell in love, who we are married to, the special moments that brought us together…

And we live alongside each other almost like roommates. Not soulmates.

We are guilty of falling into this pattern of rote too and so we have renewed our commitment to each other.

Schedule time alone, to work on the state of our “union”. Marriage maintenance is needed in nearly all relationships at some time. Come work on your marriage with us at an all-inclusive resort in Sunny Isle, Florida.

If you feel the same way, (especially after covid!) and you’d like to renew your commitment to each other, fall back in love, reawaken old feelings, and truly experience joy together again, ask us about the Getting the Love You Want weekend getaway in Miami!

Coronavirus notwithstanding, you can’t wait to work on your marriage until it’s dry and depleted…

That’s why we’ve planned a safe couples therapy getaway for you, with multiple Covid19 safety precautions, so that you don’t need to wait and can get away now to do much-needed work together.

The next Miami, Florida Getting the Love You Want Marriage Workshop is January 8-11, 2023 at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles.

You’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations and restore your spirit by revitalizing the connection between and the one you fell in love with all those years ago. Therapy will be work, but by the last few days, you’re both going to experience a romantic couples getaway that wasn’t possible before imago therapy.

Invite your spouse to join you on this journey together to become better partners for each other and improve your communication and understanding of one another.

Spend a weekend recommitting to your #couplegoals and actually achieve and create a beautiful future for your relationship together! An imago marriage counseling retreat in Florida might be just the thing you both need to get your relationship back on track.

Text, Call or Register now to get away to Miami, Florida with your husband or wife.  It’s time to Get the Love You Want!

Watch the video to understand our radically different approach to marriage counseling (and it’s not just the vacation to Miami Beach!)

The Getting the Love You Want™ Marriage Retreat is for you if you want to:

  • Finally become deeply heard by your spouse through a process that feels truly safe
  • Renew a relationship that is getting stale
  • Gain clarity on whether you should stay or go
  • Resolve old childhood “stuff” that is getting in your way of being a great partner and parent
  • Discovering and shedding those aggravating triggers that your spouse seems to provoke in you
  • Comfortably talk safely about any issue in your relationship and remain connected
  • Finally feel loved (maybe even for the first time ever!) by discovering your personal love language and living it out to the fullest
  • Achieve your relationship goals through a completed done-for-you plan
  • Satisfy your needs for physical and emotional connection
  • Learn how to ask for what you want and get the love you want instead of being a victim
  • Remove negativity, retaliation, reactivity, anger, and blame through our formula for detoxing your marriage
  • Heal the crushing effects of infidelity and make amends
  • Establish new rituals for re-romanticizing your relationship
  • Shift the negative energy in 5 minutes or less!

Welcome to Sunny Isles Beach Just Outside Miami

The Trump hotel is owned by Michael Dezer of Dezerland Hotels and is the only hotel with a Kosher and non Kosher Kitchen that can include and accommodate all guests with special eating requirements! This retreat is not politically oriented or any indicator of political support.

Retreat Details

What’s Included

  • 4 Days/3 nights at the Trump International Beach Resort* in Sunny Isles
  • All meals and beverages (excludes alcohol and snacks)
  • All taxes and gratuities
  • 3 Days of Couples Educational Workshop, Workbook and all Materials
  • Time for added activities and excursions and option to extend stay.

What’s Included

4 days/3 nights at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Florida

All meals and beverages (excludes alcohol and snacks)

All taxes and gratuities

3 Days of Couples Educational Workshop, Workbooks, and all materials

Daily Movement Classes


Day 1: Welcome to the Getting The Love You Want Marriage Retreat

5:00 PM – Welcome Meeting and Introductions
Housekeeping Items 

5:30 PM – Introduction to Imago and Discussion- “Identification of the 3 Relationship stages” – Explore the secret agenda of relationships and “diagnose” which stage of relationship you are in and how that is currently affecting your marriage and what to do about it.

6:30 PM – Group Dinner 

8:00 PM – Guided Imagery Meditation 25 minutes
Discussion:  “Personal relationship history” – Explore your personal relationship history through written exercises that will open up your eyes to your relationship stumbling blocks. 45 minutes

Day 2: “Restoring Hope” – 6 Hours to Open up your Eyes to the Realization that your Marriage has the Potential to be Different”

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee

8:45 AM – Morning Movement; Beach Walk

9:30 AM – Discussion: Crossing the Bridge- Discover how your past impacts the present. A “conversation” with your parents about old unresolved hurts

10:30 AM – “Why you chose your spouse” – Learn about the missing parts of yourself and know how to reclaim them.

11:15 AM – Brunch Discussion: “Relationship frustration” – Experience deep healing around a difficult issue with your spouse using the Imago Dialogue practice which is a safe and comfortable way to communicate.

1:00 PM – Shower and Break for the Afternoon:  Time for spa treatments, Relaxation

4:30 PM – Beach Meditation: Discussion: “Living Gratefully” – Harness the power of gratitude, naturally flourishing into becoming a more successful and appreciative person.

5:00 PM – Closing Exercise- Holding 10 min

5:30 PM –  Dinner

Day 3: “Hope becomes Reality” – 6 Hours to turn your hope for your new relationship into reality

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee

8:45 AM – Morning Movement; Beach Walk  

9:30 AM – Discussion about Exits- When the going gets tough- written workbook exercise                  

10:15 AM – Transforming Your Frustrations into Request- A comprehensive inventory and exercise to ask for what you want.

12:30 PM – Shower and Break for the Afternoon:  Time for spa treatments, Relaxation

2:30 PM – “Receive the Love that Your Partner is Sending You” – Diagnose your love language, learn how to use your love language and the love language of others more effectively to get and to give the love that you want.

3:15 PM – “Flooding” – Shift the negative energy in a 5-minute process.

4:15 PM – Hi-Energy Fun

4:40 PM – End day

Day 4: Review Homework

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee

8:45 AM – Morning Movement; Beach Walk

9:30 AM – “Dream Up Your Relationship Vision”– Craft a vision that you can successfully live out for your new future together.

10:30 – Going Home, eval, and closing ceremony

11:30 AM – Closing Meal


Get To Know Your Getting the Love You Want ™ Workshop Presenter

Hosted by Robin and Dan Newman, Workshop Presenters

Robin Newman is an Advanced Clinical Certified Imago Relationship Therapist who works with individuals, couples and families. Robin guides and work with couples who have special needs children and adults. Some of her areas of expertise include ruptures in relationships, individuals who are in recovery as well as those dealing with depression and anxiety. Robin’s passion is to assist people in recognizing and embracing their full potential. “I feel especially blessed to be able to make a difference in so many lives.” – Robin Newman, LCSW-R, PC

Questions about your situation or want more details? Schedule a time to speak with us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks required at the hotel?

Masks are not required outside or in the restaurants. We intend to have most of the retreat outside. Inside, Trump International Resort does not require the use of facemasks.

What if my flight gets cancelled?

As the flight is booked separately from the registration fee, it is best for you to book refundable tickets. Usually, if an airline cancels a flight, you will be reimbursed.

We strongly recommend that you purchase flight cancellation insurance to protect yourself from unexpected circumstances that may cause you to cancel your retreat. Cancellation of any travel plans, airlines, etc. will be completely your responsibility.

What if I test positive for Covid and cannot attend?

If you are not able to attend, due to COVID, your monies will be applied towards a future retreat.

If the retreat has not been cancelled by us, and you cancel within 30 days of the retreat, you will be able to apply the funds towards a future retreat. If you need to cancel over 31 days, you will receive your money back minus the nonrefundable deposit.

What if the retreat gets cancelled?

If we need to cancel the retreat for safety or lack of attendance reasons, you will be fully refunded. We are not responsible for any non refundable or non-transferable air tickets or other unrecoverable travel costs that you may have incurred.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

If you cancel your booking 31 days before the retreat, you will be refunded, minus the non refundable deposit. If you cancel your booking less than 30 days before the retreat your funds will be applied towards a future retreat date and you are welcome to attend at a later date.

What are the COVID safety precautions at the hotel?

As of September 17, 2021, masks are requested in public areas minus outdoors and restaurants. (Subject to change)


Due to COVID-19, this facility is required to follow the guidelines established by Miami-Dade County and the City of Sunny Isles Beach for hotel operations. Facial Coverings are requested in public space, social distancing required at all times, limited capacity for outlets.

If you have a medical condition that precludes you from wearing a mask, please bring documentation from your doctor stating that you are exempt from wearing a mask. We do not need to know your condition, but we do request documentation of exemption.


Your guest room is your sanctuary throughout your stay with us. To minimize contact, housekeeping services will only be provided upon your request. 

  • In all areas of the resort, extra cleaning attention is given to frequently touched items, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons.
  • In guest rooms, frequently touched items such as telephones and light switches are sanitized.

Do you require a Covid PCR test?

No, Florida does not require PCR testing for Covid-19 when people travel there from other states or overseas.

Which Airport?

Fly into the Miami International Airport (MIA) and we’ll pick you up when your flight arrives.

*A full terms and conditions is available upon request

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