How do newer couples start speaking with each other about money, especially when it feels unnatural?

Difficult Topics Require Safe Conversations

It’s important to learn a communication process to enable the couple to have a safe conversation about finances or any difficult topic. A safe conversation enables both parties to open up, feel fully heard, and hold back their reactivity.

couples and money

Money is a Sensitive Topic

We have found the Imago Dialogue Process to be the most effective way to address touchy topics.


The Imago Dialogue Intentional Dialogue consists of couples setting up a good time to talk and then “mirroring” back or repeating what the other says without interjecting their own opinion, validating their partner by letting them know they make sense, and empathizing with them by imagining what emotions they may be experiencing.

This safe structure enables couples to talk about uncomfortable topics and feel more connected as a result.

If you get stuck talking about money on your own, you can also look for an expert therapist that uses the Imago process in their counseling office. That way you’ll be safe from any blame or shame or discomfort around money since the Imago Relationship Therapist‘s job is to ensure that the conversation remains one that is connected and responsible.

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