If you’re a mental health professional that works with couples, you might be looking for worksheets and exercises that you can use to enhance your work. There are a number of wonderful exercises and resources that Imago therapy uses that will help you.

If you haven’t heard of Imago therapy before, here are some videos of celebrities talking about how it saved their marriages and interviewing it’s founder, Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of Getting the Love You Want. Enjoy!

Couples Therapy Exercises (For Therapy use and at home)

1. The Relationship Vision Exercise– A great way to get couples on the same page and chart a course forward for their relationship. This exercise allows both partners to craft their hopes and dreams for their marriage and then compare visions. The couple then works together to create a joint vision that combines both of their “mission statements”. It’s an opportunity to understand some of their different priorities and ascertain what their growth areas are to work on.

Couples can work on their relation vision inside of the beautiful journal we created expressly for this purpose. The Relationship Vision Couples Reconnection Journal can be purchased on Amazon.

2. Caring Behaviors Exercise- Couples have different ways of expressing their love for one another and often risk missing the mark. Couples can learn about each other’s love languages by sharing a list of all of the behaviors that have made them feel loved and cared for in the past, present as well as future wishes. This becomes a behavioral exercise where couples take their partner’s list and do 2-3 of the behaviors on a daily basis to express the love the way their partner needs to feel it. These lists are also inside of the Couples Reconnection Journal.

3. Appreciations Dialogue-

A quick positive exercise will give couples more “bang for their buck” in a therapy office because it is simple, powerful, and a great way to remove negativity and focus on what is right with the relationship, not what is wrong with it, making regular deposits into their emotional marriage bank account

4. The Imago Dialogue –

The best way for couples to process frustrations in a safe, connected setting. The structure enables couples to open up, experience emotional intimacy, and resolve long standing conflict without your office turning into a battle royale.

Be sure to talk with us about how to use the Imago dialogue in your office the right way as it can sometimes be tricky. Imago is famous for the dialogue yet it is much more than a simple communication technique.

5. Turtles and Hailstorms-

What if relationship problems could be boiled down into a simple relationship style difference? This exercise is an eye-opener in normalizing the conflict that couples experience as well as providing hope of a new way forward. When couples learn how they get “safe” and how that evokes the opposite response in their partner, they can adopt new strategies for more effective interactions.

The Turtles and Hailstorms exercises are inside the workbooks we provide in the No Blame, No Shame Communication Course available here at this link.

6. Relationship Stages-

Watch Rabbi Slatkin’s EliTalks video on this page explaining how conflict is all a part of the greater plan of relationships. The very reason you fell in love with your spouse in the first place. This counterintuitive concept helps you view relationships from the macro level and will renew hope and commitment for the everlasting bond that you call your marriage. *NOTE- Imago therapy is NOT a religious based therapy modality. This video was given to a Jewish audience and is for all to enjoy!

If you are a therapist that is excited to have resources at your disposal and you would also like to join our private Facebook group for mental health professionals to be able to improve their skills in working with couples, please join us for additional free couples therapy resources inside of the Free Resources for Couples Therapists Community. A wonderful side benefit is that working on your own marriage will actually help you become a better health professional, especially if you are working with couples.

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