Is your gut instinct to be trusted?

While it is important to be in touch with your gut, it’s also important to think through such an important decision. We’re assuming that this is not just a whim and that you are having difficulty in your relationship. It’s probably gotten so bad that you don’t have much hope for improvement. You may feel like you are in a quandary and you’re not sure whether to stick it out or not. After all, that’s why you’re asking the question, “Should I leave my husband just because my gut says to do so?” in the first place!

Before you listen to your gut…

The truth is that feelings change. One moment your gut tells you to stay, the next it tells you to go. Before choosing based on your emotions, it would be more helpful to do your due diligence and see whether the relationship can be salvaged. Discernment counseling can help you get the clarity you are looking for so you can know whether your relationship stands a chance. Even if you have been to therapy before, not all marriage counseling is created equal. It may have even made your relationship worse. If it did not help create a safe environment through which to explore your issues, you’ll never know whether your conflict can actually be dealt with.

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Consider this decision based on reality instead

Consider our 2 day No Shame No Blame Retreat, where you can explore the underlying issues that have brought you to breaking point and learn new tools that will help you determine whether the relationship can last. There is too much at stake to just rely on your gut if you haven’t given it your all. Our 2 day Retreat will provide you the clarity and peace of mind you are looking for so you don’t need to second guess whatever decision you make.


There’s nothing quite like the power of gaining clarity on a confusing situation. Complete the form below to talk with Rabbi Slatkin to see what he thinks would be best for you and your unique situation.

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