Marriage help to help the therapist | Therapy for the therapist – Marriage Restoration

Covid hit us all hard. And no one was hit harder than health professionals!

Self care moved from being just a concept to a very real necessity. Health professionals realized that they needed to learn how to do more self care pronto.

And so therapy for therapists is something that is very much needed. Funny enough, when I was learning how to become an Imago therapist, it was required that I go to an Imago workshop for my own marriage.

That was a critical part to my success in working with couples- having first experienced it for my own marriage.

We recently made the decision to create a unique Facebook group specifically for helping professionals to be able to work on their own marriages in a safe and confidential way.

Even mental health professionals who may be working with couples find often that it’s easier to help others than it is to help themselves.

This Facebook group allows them to be able to do that without the stigma of pursuing help. And a wonderful side benefit is that working on your own marriage will actually help you become a better health professional, especially if you are working with couples. Join us today!