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Marriage Counseling Orlando

marriage counseling orlandoIt’s well known that traveling is stressful and that many marriages break up actually after a trip. Orlando is such a hot spot for travel and it is unfortunate that so many couples decide to break up after a family trip to such a great city. If you actually live in Orlando and are seeking marriage counseling in Orlando, you’re in the right place.

Marriage can be hard. The very person that you fell in love with is the one hurting you the most. That is no coincidence as research shows us that our partner has the same traits as our most familiar caregivers- mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. You picked your spouse and were chemically attracted to him/her because he/she was familiar to you.

The problem arises when you transition out of the romantic phase of your marriage in the conflict stage, also known as the power struggle.

That’s where you get triggered. Your spouse acts in a way that bothers you so deeply because he/she is unconsciously reminding you of your unmet needs that you didn’t get as a child from your parents or caretakers.

She/He doesn’t realize it and neither do you and that’s the beauty of Imago Therapy- the particular form of marriage counseling that we practice.

Couples in Orlando, Florida that are experiencing online marriage counseling via Skype with us are able to realize just why their spouse bothers them so much. They realize that it’s not about their spouse but about what is going on unconsciously and deeply for themselves. They are able to grow personally and the marriage gets better because the blaming and shaming ends.

It’s not about finding someone else, it’s about loving the one you’re with and getting it right the first time.

You’ll learn this in online marriage counseling sessions with us or when you schedule a private 2 day marriage retreat with us in Florida.

There’s nothing like getting it right in marriage the first time around 🙂 Stay together and happy for the sake of your family and your kids.


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