When To Hold On To A Relationship Even If It Feels Like It's Falling Apart –

Should you hold on to a relationship even if it’s making you miserable?

It is normal for relationship to enter a power struggle. In this relationship stage, it can often feel like the relationship will not last.

The truth is that if the couple works on getting conscious about the conflict and discovering the underlying issues, they can get to a better place.

It is worth working on the relationship and staying put because leaving does not solve the problem.


What’s really going on that makes you want to leave?

As we learn more about what attracted us to our spouse, we will see that the issues we have with them are really our own personal baggage that we transport to any future relationship we join.

Marriage is the unfinished business of childhood and for the purpose of growth and healing those unmet childhood needs.

We find that people are attracted to a partner who will both have the positive and negative traits of their parents.

This means that if this relationship doesn’t work out, we’ll unconsciously look for the same thing next time around.

So might as well get it right now, instead of going through the heartache of breakup .

When couples become aware of these principles, take ownership for their own issues, and become more sensitive and compassionate to their partners, they can not only keep the relationship together, but make it thrive. We’re here to help you do that if you’re getting stuck.

It’s worth it to try one last time to gain clarity about yourself, your needs, and how you got in this mess.


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