If you’re familiar with Imago Therapy, you know that the concepts are so real and so profound- and you just can’t believe that you’re going through EXACTLY what Dr. Harville Hendrix talks about in his books, you would love our Imago workshops!

It’s almost like he had a window into your own home when he created Imago Therapy!

And if you’re not familiar with Imago therapy or it’s principles and you’ve just briefly heard about it or someone recommended that you find an Imago workshop near you, we want to help you learn more about what Imago therapy is, why it will help you, and why you will DEFINITELY want to attend our next Imago workshop!

More inspiration on Imago therapy and Imago workshops:

Attending an Imago workshop is equal to 6 months of marriage counseling!

It is truly the best marriage retreat out there and we HIGHLY recommend that you attend.

Contact us to talk more about your situation and to find out if our marriage retreat is a good solution for you.