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Can a Rabbi/Marriage Counselor teach your business how to make more $$$?

Guide your singles towards attracting their perfect mates?

Improve the relationships of your couples?

You were tasked with the job of hiring a speaker that won’t put your audience to sleep. You already know that you want a workshop that is entertaining, stimulating, with very concrete advice for your group.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will feel curious and intrigued about how a marriage counselor can help your business grow and improve, your singles group finally attract their perfect mates, and your group of couples create thriving relationships…

marriage public speakingLast week we gave a presentation to an international group of Directors on College Campuses around the world.

We shared a recent fight about how one of us refused to take out the trash. (You had to be there if you want to know which one of us that was 🙂

The tears that came out of that minor relationship frustration were real and raw and unanticipated. The audience sat on the edge of their seats, going through the journey with us from conflict to connection, appreciating the spontaneous healing that we experienced along with the audience all in one 1 hour seminar.

The audience realized two main points:

1. How their job on campus of relating to the students could be that much more successful when their own marriage became a place of refuge to go home to after a long day’s work

2. When they use these communication techniques at work, their connection with their students would be infinitely more fulfilling and fruitful!

Are you beginning to see how 1 workshop can change the lives of those attending, waking them up to a new reality of how learning to create healthy relationships can be the springboard for previously un-imagined wild success?

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Your group wants to be drawn in. Inspired. Motivated.

That’s what will make them want to attend all of the events that you plan.

That’s what makes them eagerly look forward to participating.


You can hear us speak in a keynote address or a full-day seminar. The length, content, and mix of lecture/seminar/Q&A are determined based on your group’s needs. View our One Page Media Bio Here.


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The Following Cities/Countries have enjoyed learning effective communication for their relationships:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Columbia, MD
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Crown Heights, NY
  • Latin America
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Rochester, NY
  • Silver Spring, MD

Don’t stop thinking about how a presentation on healthy relationships can motivate and inspire your business and your group. Contact us today!

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