Should you forgive someone for cheating?

Should you forgive someone for cheating? The answer really depends. If you wish to stay in relationship, then forgiveness is a must at some point. However, the process doesn’t really start until the cheater makes amends and admits wrongdoing and asks for forgiveness.

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Couples CAN heal from affairs. It depends if you want the marriage or not. It’s totally normal to feel angry.

Why should you forgive someone for cheating?

We encourage you to work it out, especially if children are involved, though we understand how difficult it can be to trust again.

We can certainly help you with healing after an affair and we see the best results- in cases of affairs- with our 2 day marriage therapy intensive. The 2 days we spend working together will literally pull you out of this deep despairing place into one of hope and healing. You will discover the root of the issue that led towards the infidelity, explore why the relationship went sour, what you both weren’t getting in the marriage, and what led to the betrayer to look elsewhere.


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