Wow, what a week it has been. For our readers in the U.S., it has been a particularly divisive and polarized election season. The election results have left half the country elated while the other half is depressed. You’ve probably heard the stories about therapy appointments filling up. Many people are having a hard time coping.  We, here, at The Marriage Restoration Project are not getting involved in politics and are not sharing our personal views on the election as our aim is to help all couples achieve a more fulfilling relationship instead of post election depression and anxiety plaguing you daily!

More inspiration on post-election depression and feelings:

What we do find striking is the dogmatic and symbiotic stance that people on both sides of the aisle take is similar to what we see in relationships. We become so convinced of our position that there is no room for anything else, to the extent that we can’t even believe how anyone would think differently. This is where we get ourselves in trouble in our relationships. There is nothing wrong with having strong beliefs. The problem arises when we can’t validate the other’s right to an opinion. We need to put our ego aside and humble ourselves so that there could be a different way of looking at things.

It’s time to move away from this approach, and that’s exactly the work we are teaching couples worldwide. We do this by creating emotional safety so that we can move beyond our limited viewpoint and appreciating the other’s. It doesn’t mean that we have to change the way we see things or accept the other’s perspective. It does mean that we can respect it, make sense of it, and validate it.

We are very excited because we see an opportunity right now for a little more light in the world. As we approach winter and the nights get longer, it is the perfect time to begin manifesting a brighter reality.

We can create more light in this world, in all senses of the term, by working on illuminating ourselves and our homes. We’d like to give you an opportunity to join us in this process by participating in an exciting program, specifically designed to turn the darkness into light.


Chanukah: 8 Days, 8 Powerful Lessons

You want to be a better person. You want transformation. You’d like to reclaim the light that you once felt in your life and in your relationships. This Holiday Season is the ideal time to rediscover that light, to rededicate yourself to your relationship, and to transform the darkness into a brighter tomorrow.

Regardless of your faith, you can learn spiritual lessons from the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah and enjoy transformation. Do your part this year to turn darkness into light. in the world, in your family, in your most important relationships.

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Looking forward to bringing more light into this world!

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is an Imago relationship therapist and certified (master level) Imago workshop presenter with over 20 years of experience hosting couples therapy retreats in-person and online. Contact or