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When Rabbi Slatkin Speaks, People Listen… and Most Importantly, They Take Action to Improve Their Most Important Relationships.

Intimate Relationships: “It’s Not About the Kugel”

If you could RADICALLY, RAPIDLY, and SAFELY change your Relationship with your Significant Other, what would that be worth to you? International Relationship Therapist, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, takes you on an ancient journey to discover the Secret of Relationships, making it come alive for your 21st Century relationship. “We no longer needed to react because we realized that it really wasn’t about the Kugel that we were fighting about, but about something much bigger that was getting triggered” says Slatkin, “I’ve had people report that immediately after hearing my talk, they decided to stay together because they gained a newfound hope that even their “LOUSY” marriage could be REVIVED and RESTORED!” Read their stories at (

Rabbi Slatkin will:

  • Reveal WHY you picked your spouse
  • Help you understand why your partner pushes your buttons and what you can do about it
  • Show why the very things you can’t stand about each other are the REASONS that you should stay married
  • Give you a path for achieving your relationship DREAMS!

Rabbi Slatkin’s life changing approach will give you a totally new experience of marriage, enabling you to take a giant leap towards creating the loving and passionate Relationship that you deserve.

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Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of couples repair their broken marriages.

Together with his wife Rivka, he is the founder of The Marriage Restoration Project, a global initiative to help keep couples together and happy.

Rabbi Slatkin is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, a Rabbi, and a father of 5. He is an advanced Clinician in Imago Therapy.

He is also the author of The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage which is the introduction to Rabbi Slatkin’s marriage counseling approach, with it’s foundational basics, and it’s short, transformational benefits.

The 5 Step Action Plan Book has been featured on CNN, NPR, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.

Why Rabbi Slatkin is the Right Choice for Your Event:

Sincere, insightful, and deeply personal, Rabbi Slatkin delivers life-changing programs for your audiences with an eye-opening experience for you. Your audience will be at the edge of their seats as he candidly shares about what goes on in his own marriage. A true professional, Rabbi Slatkin will personally ensure that your group is fully engaged, empowered, and inspired to take action.

Shlomo speaks from live and virtual stages all around the world and travels from Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Whether addressing an intimate group or a standing room only arena, count on Rabbi Shlomo to provide clarity and comfort around some of the most difficult issues plaguing today’s modern day couple. Shlomo inspires audiences to invest in their most important relationships so that families stay together and happy.
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Highly Recommended! “Rabbi Slatkin introduced us to an innovative method for effective communication. The real-life scenarios that he role-played had us laughing out loud! His presentation was interactive, practical, and laced with good humor! Highly recommended!” – A Program Participant

Event Planners and Audiences LOVE Rabbi Shlomo

“This is a very practical workshop/method which teaches both members of a couple how to listen and communicate and show love, care, and appreciation. I would recommend it to all couples. It is like preventative medicine for a marriage because it gave us a way to talk without reacting and speak about each other’s good points.”


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