How to save a marriage when only one is trying (Suggested Script I)

You know how important improving your marriage is. And you also need to know how to save a marriage when only one is trying since your spouse just isn’t interested right now in working on anything with you.

You wouldn’t have gotten this far with us if you didn’t value that fact! The problem is that your spouse has ZERO interest in getting help.

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We’d like to give you some pointers about how to actually broach the subject of getting marriage help. (For couples in crisis, we advise that you look into coming to a marriage retreat together- despite his/her lack of interest, here’s why:)

Don’t believe it’s possible to save a marriage when only one is trying?

It really is. We promise. We know this because we’ve coached many people just like you that are working to fix things when only one is trying.

What happens is, when you use this formula, your spouse begins to see that you have changed.

  • This puts them at ease
  • They become more curious
  • More calm
  • And are wondering- what in the heck did you do with the person that they’ve been living with???

Want to know what those pointers are so that you can try them asap?


However, in order to make it safe for your spouse so he/she doesn’t feel on the defensive, you need to take ownership so that they don’t feel that counseling is an opportunity to blame them or shame them or prove that they are wrong.

Here goes:
“Honey, I realize that I haven’t been the greatest spouse to you- I know I’m not the best x, y, z (listener, reliable, whatever you can HONESTLY take ownership for).
I know I’m difficult to live with.
I’d like to be a better spouse and I need your help so that I can meet your needs better.
I found a program that I think could be helpful so that I can learn the skills that I need to understand you better and work on my reactivity and help meet your needs.
Would you be open to hearing more about it?”
(Click on the link above then to collect some of the information that we have for you about our private retreats so that you can share it with him/her.)

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