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How to Avoid Divorce

If your marriage is struggling or your partner wants out and you are looking for help avoiding a divorce, here are some things you can do:


Steps to Avoid Divorce


1) Don’t panic– While you undoubtedly may be feeling terrified that your relationship and life as you know it are at stake, the more calm you can be, the more likely you will be able to avoid a divorce and re-engage your spouse.

2) Be the best you can be– It only takes one person to change to impact a relationship. Focus on being the best spouse you can be. Become more conscious about how your behaviors may be triggering your spouse and work on yourself.

3) Don’t beg your spouse to stay–  When all else fails, do the 180. That means playing a little hard to get (click on the article to see more about what that means practically). I’ve found that when people appear needy and desperate, it is a turn off. If you act as if you don’t care, it will be a huge surprise and will you leave your spouse a little curious.


Help for when you need a more hands on approach to avoiding divorce


4) Join our Private or Group Marriage Retreat- If you are looking for how to avoid divorce, the quickest most effective intervention is our 2 day “No Blame, No Shame” Marriage Restoration Retreat. Whether you prefer a private or group retreat, our program will help you cut through all the conflict to discover the core issues that are at the root of your marriage breakdown. You’ll understand your relationship in a way that you never did before, rediscover a new way to love and communicate, and walk away with the hope you need to stay together and the tools to build an everlasting fulfilling relationship.


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