This beautiful story posted below by the cute couple featured in the picture above, tell you why they chose to go to an Imago workshop and what their results were. Enjoy reading their story 🙂

“Facebook is a great tool for networking and sharing. However, it also allows you to paint the perfect illustration of yourself, and we all know that nothing is perfect. Your family, your children, your husband or wife, your job or career, or your life. None of it!

The reason I bring this up is because I am guilty of painting this perfect picture as well, and my life is far from it. Some may feel that I share a lot on Facebook, but I share what I choose to share. But my friends who know me, and know the types of posts I share, noticed a gap. A change in pattern. For a while, my posts about my wife had been missing, and that’s because marriage is the toughest job in the entire world. We have been working through some things since the birth of Gus, and this past weekend we attended a marriage counseling retreat. Yes, it had gotten to the point where we needed that help.

But, without boring you with all the specifics; our eyes were opened wider than they have been in years. After this past weekend I can truthfully say that I am more in love with Anne than I have been in quite a while, and we are heading to a good place again.

I wanted to say this because, so many times we can be fooled by how someone allows you to see into their life, but we are all going through trials and tribulations. Don’t give up on anything. Especially your future and the ones who you want to share it with.”

Nick Baldwin

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Thanks for choosing our weekend Nick & Anne!


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