Beyond the long to-do list that you will have as Mother or Father of the bride or groom, you’ll want to learn to step in to the new role you will have in your son or daughter’s life.

You’ll want to be a good parent without overstepping boundaries and getting overly involved in your kids’ married life.

What should you do when your married kids fight?

It can be very hard when you see the couple fighting or struggling with each other.

It’s hard not to step in with your son or daughter when they come to you feeling angry with their partner. After all, it’s your child! And our first instinct as parents is to protect our children.

But that can backfire. Because when their moment of conflict is over, there can be lasting resentment if you took a side against your (future) daughter or son in law.

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The best thing you can do is to empower your children to learn how to create healthy relationships – giving them the skills – instead of meddling in and interfering.

It’s like teaching a man how to fish on his own rather than doing it for him.

Giving your kids the gift of premarital counseling is the best wedding gift possible of being able to have a good marriage of their own. And it doesn’t have to be long term counseling or weekly marriage counseling sessions that are better suited to couples married 10, 20 years.

An engaged couples retreat or a premarital counseling program can be a fun way for couples to get away and have fun with each other, all while learning what is needed to begin an everlasting life and love together. In a successful premarital counseling experience, the couple will have the opportunity to learn more about each other, having the opportunity to ask relationship questions that help open up their eyes to going into the future together on the same page.

You can always share with them wisdom that you have from your own marital experience but remember to keep things positive, even if your marriage didn’t have a happy ending, contributing the stories and lessons that you learned along the way, so they can avoid the same pitfalls that you may have experienced.

The two Premarital Counseling Programs that we offer:

  1. DIY Marriage Preparation and Counseling – this online pre marriage course includes a book, workbook, audio recordings and transcripts mainly on the topic of marriage and communication. A couple taking this course would walk away with tools for talking about difficulties coming up in the relationship and have new found skills to dialogue and connect even around the most frustrating issues.

Couples can watch 14 videos of us “fighting” and then getting through each situation with a calm and collected Imago dialogue.

2. Engaged Couples Retreat: The Getting the Love You Want Couples WorkshopThis group couples workshop is held all over the world in many countries and we host it about 4 times a year. Now with Covid19, the workshop is virtual and is an intensive yet fun way to reconnect with each other, learn more about your past relationship history, understanding how our childhood leads us into our present relationship. Couples walk away with communication skills that really can last a lifetime. This workshop is a MUST experience for all engaged couples looking to succeed with premarital education!!

Talk with us about a wedding gift for your married or engaged children

We’ve had lots of parents want to get their children started off on the right foot in their marriage. We look back at our own 19 year marriage and wish that going into marriage we would have had the skills to make it through without such heartache early on.

If you’d like to gift a retreat experience or the pre marital online course for your kids, talk with us using the form below or click here.

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