People want to know what types of couples come to our marriage retreats?

>>>>>People who come to our retreats with their partner either want to save their marriage or have one foot out the door. Some couples want to do something to help improve their relationship, to keep the spark alive and improve upon things. These couples often schedule getaways and vacations just because they know the benefit of spending time away together as a couple.

>>>>>And there are couples who want to consciously uncouple, separate, perhaps ultimately divorce in a civil manner (sometimes with kids), and in a place of confusion. And there is no judgment of these couples.

We get it. Life is hard. Marriage is even harder.

And to those couples we say- Even if you end your marriage, you will always be in relationship especially if you have children.

It’s important to be able to move forward in the most healthy way- without anger or resentment- so that you can not only be the best possible parents for your children but also to be healthy people who can be better partners in future relationships.

>>>>>And then there are the couples who are looking to save their relationship-who are on the verge of divorce. And this is their last-ditch effort to see if they can turn things around and find hope again (our intensive relationship therapy retreats are ideal for this).

To those couples we say- we hold the hope and space for you to grow and learn about what went wrong so that you can fix it and see that your relationship can be better through clarity, skill, and a path forward.

We’ve got something for everyone.

Let 2020 be the year you finally gain clarity. For yourself, your children, and all of your most important relationships.

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