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Divorce Therapy | Break Up Counseling

The “No Blame, No Shame” Goodbye Retreat That Allows You to Consciously Uncouple
2 day Divorce Therapy Retreat using our “No Blame, No Shame” Goodbye Breakup Counseling Methodology. When you want to consciously uncouple and break up like a “Mentsch” (Yiddish word for “a person of integrity and honor”), preventing divorce from tearing apart your family.

A 2 Day Retreat to Gain Clarity & Say “Goodbye”

Pre-Divorce Discernment Counseling & Therapy Retreats

Gain clarity on what went wrong and finally gain some closure so that you can move forward in life without repeating mistakes from the past.

Consciously Uncouple
Ready to Say Goodbye?
I Want One More Try

Whether you want to give it one more try or you are ready to say goodbye, the only way both of you will feel safe enough to move forward, is if you take a “No Blame, No Shame” approach. That way you are peacefully communicating and learning more about what went wrong so you can make real changes for the future.

Even if you are ready to call it quits, especially if you have children together, it benefits you to learn the “No Blame, No Shame” process so that you can experience safe communication in order to get your needs met.

Our “No Blame, No Shame” Goodbye Retreat is What You Need to Move Forward Peacefully

Two full days of intensive guided relationship assessment into your past and present relationship dynamic.

Day 1 provides clarity into your past relationship history and old patterns so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Day 2 helps you create the action plan for getting your needs met.

Day 1

“Becoming Conscious” – 6 Hours of therapy to gain clarity about your relationship, achieving clarity, and closure

  • “Personal relationship history” – Explore your personal relationship history through written exercises that will open up your eyes to why your relationship has gotten to this point.
  • “Why you chose your spouse” – Learn about the missing parts of yourself and know how to reclaim them so you don’t make the same mistake next time.
  • “Relationship frustration” – Learn how to process and forgive difficult issues with your spouse using the Imago Dialogue practice which is a safe and comfortable way to communicate.
  • “Intentional dialogue” – Put a new tool in your toolbox for dealing with all of life’s challenges and difficult relationships.

Day 2

“Charting the Course” – 6 Hours of Therapy to move forward in the most positive way

  • “The Road Ahead” – Discuss the difficult issues that need to be worked as you uncouple
  • “Dream Up Your Relationship Vision”– Craft a vision that you can successfully live out your new roles as co-parents.
  • The Amends Process” – Learn how to say goodbye to past hurts so that you can move forward amidst health


What About Mediation?

Because you know you don’t want a nasty divorce, we include 3 hours of relational mediation for a better outcome. After you learn how to navigate the difficult divorce process and communicate safely, we want you to be able to design the life plan that you both want with pre-divorce counseling or post-divorce therapy. That’s why we include time with a team of top divorce mediators known to provide authentic breakthroughs, resulting in more informed decision making and more satisfying outcomes.

Mediation alone without a structured closure process can often be a waste, as it becomes hard to implement what is worked out during mediation if the couple isn’t able to safely and effectively communicate.

Our 2 Day No Blame, No Shame divorce therapy retreat is a comprehensive solution to this gap in services that you need to close the chapter safely and move on into the future fully prepared.


Thank you for working with us. I am now able to forgive the past and move on without harboring resentment. I can see how we got to this point and have learned so much about myself in the process. If I do ever enter a relationship again, I am much more aware of the role I play in creating my own nightmare.

I was worried about a nasty divorce that would cost lots of money in lawyers’ fees. More importantly, I was worried that our inability to communicate would make it extremely difficult for our children. Your program helped us learn how to work together in a positive way so that we can limit the potential damage of divorce on our family and our finances.


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