If you have a goal to travel more in 2022, consider adding a couples retreat to your itinerary! In this article, let’s talk about what couples counseling vacations are, what to look for in a couples retreat, and what the benefits are of going on this type of adventure with your spouse.

What Are Couples Counseling Vacations?

Couples counseling vacations, or couple retreats, are intensive and immersive getaways that provide professional marriage counseling in a relaxing, vacation-like experience. Retreats typically last anywhere from one to a few days and can be done in private or group settings. Specific schedules and routines vary, but you can expect to experience a variety of discussions, lectures, role plays, and exercises—along with plenty of time to relax, see the sights, and enjoy special events like romantic dinner or spa dates!

You’ll find couples counseling vacations held in a variety of places, including tropical beach-front resorts.

Benefits of Couples Counseling Vacations or Retreats

Couples counseling vacations are fantastic experiences for partners looking to strengthen their marriages. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They allow for unmatched quality time together during which you can focus on each other—with none of life’s daily demands taking up your energy and attention.
  • They help you grow as a couple and as individuals, since you’ll be given direct access to a team of licensed mental health professionals.
  • They are a fun way to reinvigorate your sex life and physical intimacy with each other.
  • They offer intensive training and education in communication skills, attachment styles, conflict resolution, and more.
  • They create an environment of connection that is not strained under the weight of day-to-day stresses.

Couples who choose to go on group retreats can also expect to enjoy new connections with other couples who are also going through their own marriage journeys.

What to Look for In a Couples Counseling Vacation

  • Setting: Group or Private
  • Credentialed Couples Counseling Hosts
  • Location
  • Therapy vs. Excursion Time

Are you feeling called to go on a couples retreat with your spouse? It help to know which setting you’d prefer—private or group. If you enjoy meeting new people and socializing with other couples, the latter might be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you’re hoping for an immersive experience shared just with each other, arranging a private retreat could be a better option.

Look for a couples retreat hosted by a reputable team of marriage and relationship experts. These retreats are great opportunities to learn about the latest theories in relationships and interpersonal skills, so you’ll want to have access to experienced professionals who can provide both transformative and actionable insights.

You may want to also consider the amount of time the retreat dedicates to working on your marriage vs. vacation time to enjoy the resort. If your marriage is in crisis it’s probably best to opt for a retreat that focuses heavily on imago relationship therapy with little breaks to enjoy the scenery.

Tropical Marriage Counseling Retreats

Lastly—and this is the really fun part—dream big about where you want to go! You may be able to find a couples retreat opportunity close to home, which can be a great option if getting away is tough due to family commitments and other factors. But if you and your spouse want something a bit more exotic, be sure to team up with a company that hosts retreats in dream destinations like Miami, FL, Costa Rica, or Playa Del Carmen.

Be sure to inquire about additional details like the types of amenities and outings that are available at each location, and whether any special dietary requests can be honored.

Are You and Your Spouse Ready to Start Your Therapy Journey?

The Marriage Restoration Project offers a variety of private and group retreats for couples from all over the world. Be sure to check out our 2022 schedule of events planned!

Even if you can’t get away this year, you can still enjoy couples counseling from the convenience and privacy of your own home. Contact The Marriage Restoration Project today to schedule an intensive 2-day marital therapy retreat online.

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