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Has the health of your marriage relationship spiraled out of control? If you feel that you are on the brink of splitting up with your spouse our divorce prevention retreats can help. The goal of our intensive marriage retreats is to prevent divorce by helping you and your spouse reconnect and bring back the spark that made you fall so madly in love with one another. Using the Imago dialogue script, our couples therapists will help you uncover the real reason that you’ve drifted apart. You’ll also learn strategies to communicate better and become better listeners to connect on a deeper level emotionally and physically.

How Can a Couples Retreat Prevent a Divorce?

If you are both at your wit’s end but still willing to try repairing your relationship our intensive marriage counseling retreats can help. Here’s how.

  • Help identify the underlying cause of disconnect
  • Identify triggers to watch out for
  • Learn strategies to avoid and prevent toxic behavior
  • Seal the exits and make you both listen and communicate your needs and expectations
  • Stop the fights about money, parenting, 3rd party interference, household duties, and things you will never agree on.
  • Help you see your partner the way you did before when you first fell in love
  • Access Imago worksheets, journals, books, workbooks, and other resources that you and your partner can use to practice at home
  • Learn to work together as a team and present a united front to the world
  • Learn each other’s love language and how each of you like to give and receive love
  • Stop blaming, shaming, and name calling
  • Enjoy each other’s company again and prioritize your husband or wife

Getting Out of a Relationship Rut

Our team of Imago relationship therapists are experienced working with couples on the brink of divorce. They can help you stop an imminent divorce and help you start nurturing a healthy, bonded relationship that you are both craving.

Steps to Avoid Divorce

The first step toward stopping a divorce is committing to attend an intensive marriage therapy retreat with The Marriage Restoration Project. If you are both committed to turning your relationship around it can really happen.

We’ve helped hundreds of couples stop divorce when they thought there was no other option (even amid infidelity!). Contact us to learn more about how to stop a divorce by attending immersive Imago relationship therapy.

Contact Our Divorce Prevention Counselors

Call or text (443) 645-0630 or use the form below for more information about our couples retreats or schedule a free 30 minute clarity call with Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin here.

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