We asked the following question on our Facebook page last Valentine’s day: Are you under Valentine’s day pressure?

More inspiration for when you feel pressured:

As Valentine’s day is almost here, we want to know how many of you feel that Valentine’s day does more harm than good to your relationship?

We’ve seen a lot of ads made by companies suggesting that if the right gift is not purchased, you dare risk your relationship status changing. What pressure! And how awkward for a couple that is dating and has yet to commit to their relationship officially!

Here’s our take about valentine’s day pressure.

Not everyone celebrates valentine’s day and when one partner is bombarded by comparisons from friends or Facebook or in the general public, this it is important for it to be celebrated, he/she may feel upset if their partner doesn’t take the initiative to do anything for it.

Having a discussion with each other about whether it is important to you or not is how we recommend dealing with the external pressure and preempting it, preventing it from turning into more significant marriage problems.

We feel that every day “should” be Valentine’s day! Just because Hallmark decided that it is going to be February 14, doesn’t mean that your relationship is not as important to you or to your spouse if you don’t celebrate it.

In this case of Valentine’s day pressure, most marriage problems that come up are a result of expectations that weren’t clarified and communication problems in marriage. Whatever you do, communicate about it together to make sure that you both are on the same page with regards to your Valentine’s Day expectations.

Continue learning about how to improve your relationship so it is one that you’ll love and commit to rather than running the other way from! Talk with us about our 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat so that you can enjoy a relationship that works not a marriage that is stressful.


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