Imago Therapy Training for Marriage Counselors

Becoming a therapist requires that you go to college of course, and follow the typical path of bachelors degree, then masters program, then clinical experience. Once you’ve completed your clinical experience, you can take your state’s licensing exam. So if you want to become a Licensed marriage and family therapist, after you complete your schooling and clinical experience, you’d contact the State board to find out your state’s requirements for becoming a marriage counselor. After all of that you want to make sure you keep up your continuing education. Here’s where you, as someone that wants to learn how to become a marriage counselor, should pay attention.

Most likely, in your path towards becoming a counselor, you will have clinical experience in working with couples as well as having taken some courses in marriage and family theory.

But how do you actually become a skilled and competent marriage counselor? College will only give you so much, experience will of course give you more, but what should you do when you want to become the BEST in your field, actually making an impact on the state of marriage and families- which is likely the reason you are looking into doing this in the first place, to make an impact in the world!

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Marriage Counselor Salary

And of course, the better marriage counselor that you are, the more you can charge premium prices and demand a higher marriage counselor salary.

  1. You’ll want to pursue advanced training in couples work as college can only teach you so much. Sitting with a couple in your office is MUCH harder in the real world, with real problems, and it’s not enough to be mediocre.

2. We’ve found that the best, most effective couples work training is that of Imago therapy which takes a couple back to childhood in order to see just how 90% of what couples are angering each other with has to do with their own past and unfulfilled needs. As Imago therapists like to say, “If it’s hysterical, it’s historical”.

Watch and see the amazing healing work that Dr. Harville Hendrix created when he founded Imago Therapy. If you’d like to be part of this amazing movement to help restore couples love and ability to stay together and happy, watch him facilitate this couple below:

Harville Hendrix and Imago Therapy: An Amazing Gift to the World

What You Should Know About Becoming a Therapist

Here at, we offer advanced trainings and certifications in advanced Imago therapy that will help you become a better marriage therapist.

Depending on the level of certification that you desire and what therapist requirements you already have will determine the track that you take.

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