Putting Forth Helping & Healing Energy Into the World | 8th Day of Covid Family Quarantine

There is a lot of interest out there for mental health professionals like Shlomo to answer dozens of media requests. Reporters want interviews and quotes contributed to their stories about Covid19.

Media Inquiries on Corona Virus

They’ve got questions like:

  • Tips on making boundaries when working from home
  • How parents can live in close quarters without losing their minds
  • Difficult home quarantine situations
  • Romantic date nights in quarantine
  • How to give your partner space when there is none
  • How not to criticize your spouse when you’ve been the stay at home parent and now they’re suddenly unhappy with the kids parenting

Shlomo must have answered 20 inquiries on these topics which will hopefully prove to provide much-needed resource and reading material for the world right now!

His wisdom is always appreciated 🙂

Couples with relationship questions while in quarantine

In the Marriage Under Quarantine Facebook group we created, one of the members had the following question: “How do I not correct my husband in front of the children when I’m used to being the one home and dealing with behaviors?” We did our best to answer her question in the video you see below.

Connecting with Past Workshop Attendees on Zoom

One of the ways we’re keeping in touch with others is through Zoom (like everyone else in the world 🙂 so we invited past Getting the Love You Want Marriage Workshop Attendees to chat with us over on Zoom for 20 minutes or so. It was great seeing some of their faces and they all seemed quite calm.

One of the attendees reminded us that even when we are feeling frustrated about the quarantine, to remember that we’re not really doing it for us but for others so they don’t get sick and that we should all give ourselves a pat on the back.

It’s nice to have that reminder when we feel stressed or worried. I know that for me, when I’m feeling down, the thing that “picks me up” the most is helping others, like with the wedding on Zoom I participated in yesterday.

Thinking of you,


Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is an Imago relationship therapist and certified (master level) Imago workshop presenter with over 20 years of experience hosting couples therapy retreats in-person and online. Contact info@themarriagerestorationproject.com or