Marriage Enrichment Retreats: Weekend, Annual, or Weekly

The United States Military is committed to helping men women, and their families build and sustain meaningful relationships with their spouses through marriage enrichment retreat weekends. Each program name varies by military branch, but these relationship renewal programs are all designed to help members of the military and their spouses improve their marriage. If you’re ready to work on your marriage in a private intensive or alongside others in a group setting we can help.

About Marriage Enrichment Programs

Marriage enrichment programs can be non-religious or run by a chaplain. Military support centers and commanding officers encourage troops to attend these retreats with their partner at least annually because they are uniquely designed to help couples experiencing difficulties during deployment, one or both partners have PTSD, or anxiety. These marriage enrichment retreats are offered to members of the military and their spouses either for free or at low cost.

Marriage Enrichment Program by Military Branch

The organization tasked with managing enrichment programs for couples varies by branch, see below for details.

  • Army: Strong Bonds Program
  • Navy: Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Operations
  • Air Force: MarriageCare Program
  • Marine Corps: Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program

What Does it Mean to Enrich Your Marriage?

Marriage enrichment programs are marital education and counseling retreats. Couples learn the skills they need to experience a happy, lifelong marriage with scheduled maintenance, aka marriage enrichment workshops.

Couples’ enrichment programs help spouses become more aware of their partners, communicate more effectively, and become better listeners. If you want to enjoy a more fulfilling relationship and connect with your husband or wife on a deeper level enriching your marriage is a great start.

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Are Marital Enrichment Programs Only for People in the Military?

No. Although there are low cost or free marriage enrichment retreats offered to members of the US military by branch, we offer various formats and can customize our marriage retreats to suit your needs.

For example, we offer non-religious retreats, Christian retreats, Jewish retreats, in-person, and virtual retreats for couples. If you want to get your feet wet at one of our affordable Getting the Love You Want marriage workshops in a group setting it will only set you back $850 per couple for a 2-day retreat. Our intensive, immersive retreat pricing varies by location and accommodations, but you can find out more by booking a free 30-minute consultation call with Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin here.

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Contact us using the form below or book a retreat online now. We have many retreat options and clinicians across the United States, in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and even have a roundtrip couples cruise featuring a three-day workshop from Maryland to Bermuda and back.

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