Living apart from your partner is hard enough. It’s even more challenging when you need long distance couples therapy.

How do you work on a relationship when you don’t even see each other on a regular basis?

There are many reasons why couples may need distance counseling. For some, one spouse is deployed or working away from home. Other couples may be separated or dating and living in two different locations. And yet the peculiarities of the covid pandemic has created scenarios where couples may be in two different locations. Regardless of distance, online therapy for long distance couples is possible to help heal old hurts, facilitate safer communication, and create a brighter future.

While physical proximity is always a plus and the day to day opportunities of living together serve to enrich a relationship, there is still much progress that can be made in virtual couples therapy. It can be an opportunity to learn about your relationship history, putting into context of a journey that all couples face with the typical ups and downs. It is also a great way to have the critical conversations about some of the challenges you both face in a safe and structured fashion. Couples can really learn how to work out some of their differences by sharing in an open and honest manner and really feeling heard. This sheds light on long-standing issues as well as helps couples plot an effective way further.

We have worked with couples in a variety of situations. While some of them have been together in the same physical location for some of the sessions, or at least for the two day retreat portion of our process, they are successfully able to repair their relationship through our online sessions. With the ease of our secure Zoom room, we have helped couples dating long distance get clarity about their relationship as well as couples in crisis looking to restore their marriage.

Although we have doing online therapy for long distance couples for over a decade, the current state of the world has brought online therapy to the fore. It has made it possible for many people to shift their paradigm about what they can accomplish in a long distance relationship and has been a great opportunity for growth and healing and strengthening of long distance relationships.


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