Most relationship therapists have a policy regarding individual sessions with clients who are attending therapy together. Sometimes counselors allow individual counseling if one party seeks it, while others do not because it can make the other partner feel like their therapist is taking sides. If you have an upcoming session and your partner can’t make it, speak to your counselor about it with your partner to see if you should reschedule.

At The Marriage Restoration Project, we encourage our clients to seek treatment together. If a husband or wife cannot attend, it’s best to reschedule rather than attending alone. Attending alone can make your partner feel anxious about what was discussed.

Alternatives to In-Person Counselingshould you see a marriage counseling alone

An alternative to not attending if one party cannot make it there physically is virtual marriage counseling. Both parties can attend via Zoom or Skype video chat or one party can join in online from a different location. Also, it’s possible for one spouse to attend in person while the other attends remotely if possible.

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