If your wife wants a divorce all of a sudden, you’re likely to be shocked, scared, and even angry. While you may just be a clueless husband who didn’t see the obvious coming, it’s more likely that her sudden desire to call it quits could be coming from somewhere else.

Some more information on why your wife wants a divorce.

Here’s what may be going on.

If your wife says she loves you but is no longer “in love” with you, you may want to wonder if there is someone else in the picture. If your wife is actively cheating on you, she is likely to be so infatuated with her lover that the marriage is no longer of interest. If someone else is in the picture and your wife refuses to end the affair, it will be a challenge to win her back.

Even if your wife is not having an affair, she could be under the influence of others including friends or even her own individual therapist. If she complains about you to friends or her therapist without them hearing your side, they may provide bad advice and even encourage divorce. While it is unfair and even unethical for a therapist to provide such advice without hearing your side, it does happen more than you think and is often the explanation for a sudden turn of events.

Your relationship may have been chugging along in mediocrity for years but once your wife expressed her doubts and received confirmation or validation from another, especially an “expert”, she may now have the “courage” to leave. How has your finances been lately? Women react very differently than men to a lack of money as it plays on their primal fear of not being protected.

She may be feeling drained or potentially having a midlife crisis.

Comparing your marriage to others or feeling bored in a marriage for a while is also a possibility.

The hard part is that if you haven’t spent a lot of time cherishing her or working on your relationship together, her abrupt decision to leave could have been a result of years of feeling unhappy in your relationship together.

If your spouse wants a divorce all of a sudden and you can’t get them to come work with you in person, take the 10 Steps to Win Your Spouse Back Challenge.

Divorce is a life changing decision. It’s important that it is conscious and not out of a reaction to pain or influence of another.

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