Have you heard about Rage Rooms? For those married to an angry spouse!

Have you heard about rage rooms where you can go and find a location near you to essentially physically “act out” your stress, anger, and anxiety? Is that beneficial for you if you’re married to an angry spouse?

More inspiration about being married to an angry spouse:

If you live with a really angry spouse should you encourage him/her to visit a rage room?

We  believe that rage and anger begets more anger and reinforces neural pathways.

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While psychology used to think that it was helpful to release anger in that way, we know from neuroscience that the more we express anger, the more angry we get, as we are reinforcing those neural pathways.

We help couples regulate their anger by teaching them how to ask for their underlying needs beneath the anger instead of raging in our private 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat, because raging can do irreparable damage to a relationship. Talk with us about our 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat. It’s the best thing for you especially if you’re married to an angry spouse as the first thing you will establish is safety for him/her to share in a way that you can digest and hear, and vice versa!


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